May I do a second installation of my license on my laptop?

According to the General Terms of Business (Business Terms) 2.1.3 the primary user is entitled to install and use the software on a second computer, if this second computer is being used exclusively by the primary user.


Can I download OCAD 12

Yes, OCAD 12 can be downloaded direct after the purchase with Credit Card. However if you whish the Software in physical form, it can be ordered for an additional charge on a flash drive.


Do I have to pay Taxes

For supplies within Switzerland a tax of 8% is compiled within the invoice. To exports abroad this tax must not be paid, but the customs authorities of the importing country can levy import duties and taxes.


How can I transfer my OCAD license to an other person?

To transfer your OCAD license to an other user please fill in the transfer form for OCAD 10 Professional, OCAD 10 Standard, OCAD 10 CS or OCAD 11 (all Editions)
For OCAD 12 fill in the following transfer form: OCAD 12 License transfer.


Can I reinstall and activate OCAD when I buy a new PC or if I had a hard disk crash?

Yes, this is possible. Notice that you have to contact OCAD AG via transfer form for OCAD 10 Professional, OCAD 10 StandardOCAD 10 CS, OCAD 11 or OCAD 12, if the maximum number of possible activations is already reached. In that case former and new licensee are identical.


What is the OCAD 12 Academic Edition?

The Academic Edition can only be ordered by universities. It is only allowed to install the software on max. 20 computers within one room. The Academic Edition is not a personal student license. It corresponds to the functional range of the OCAD 12 Professional product.


OCAD 10 Activation Problem with Microsoft Windows Vista or 7 Error Message 'You must be an Administrator to activate OCAD. To activate OCAD you can log on as an administrator, or contact your technical support group for assistance.'

You must be an Administrator to activate OCAD after the installation. If you are an User and start OCAD then you will get this error message.
Solution: Log on as an Administrator and copy the file 'license_ocad10xxx.xml' from the hidden folder 'C:\Users\(Your Adminname)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\OCAD10' to 'C:\Program Files\OCAD10'.
This problem does not exist in Windows 2000 and XP.


Which GPS devices are especially suitable for outdoor recording?

OCAD AG is regularly asked which GPS devices are especially suitable for outdoor recording. Owing to the numerous suppliers and variety of GPS devices it is unfortunately not possible for us to give a reliable recommendation. We hope you understand!
OCAD supports the import of GPX files irrespective of the device used! EasyGPS can import waypoints and tracks from most GPS devices and export them as GPX files.


Is OCAD running on Macintosh computers?

OCAD is a Windows Software. Additional software like Virtual PC (PowerPC only), Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion Bootcamp must be installed on MAC to use OCAD. For more informations please contact


Is There a Club License for Orienteering Clubs?

No. There is no club license. You need one license for every PC where maps are drawn as stated in the license terms. However you should have a look at the OCAD 12 CS Course Setting edition if you use OCAD only for course setting. OCAD CS Course Setting is the OCAD edition for orienteering sports course setters and course controllers. OCAD 12 CS supports the whole work flow starting from scratch of a course setting project to the very end, from placing the start symbol until printing or exporting the courses on the map or in one step together with the map. To view, print and export OCAD maps, you can download and use the OCAD 10, 11 or 12 Viewer  for free.


Can I Import a Scanned Picture?

You cannot import scanned pictures even if you place them inside an Adobe Illustrator file or any other import format. Scanned pictures consist of points of different colors. If you draw a line in OCAD, it stored as a line object. Scanned pictures have no objects, just points. Programs do exist which can extract objects from scanned pictures. Typical programs are Adobe Streamline and Corel OCR Trace. You must first use one of these programs before you can import the extracted objects into OCAD. Keep in mind that extracting objects is a very difficult process and you may not be satisfied with the result.