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Cartography & Orienteering

  • Getting Started with OCAD
You find a brief introduction into OCAD in the documentation Getting Started with OCAD, which is available in different languages.
  • OCAD Basics
The OCAD Basics exercise teaches both basic and advanced drawing and editing functions in an interactive way. Many tips and tricks for working efficiently with OCAD are also presented. You find the exercises OCAD Basics.ocd in different languages in the OCAD menu File > Open Sample Maps
  • Tipps and Tricks with Keyboard and Mouse
The page Tipps and Tricks with Keyboard and Mouse summarises useful tipps to optimize your drawing and editing skills in OCAD.
OCAD Tipps (PDF Grossbritanien.gif)
OCAD Tipps (PDF Deutschland.gif)
  • Video tutorials on YouTube
See also our OCAD YouTube Chanel with many videos.


Orienteering Maps

Forest Orienteering Maps

School Orienteering Maps

Updating Orienteering Maps

World Orienteering Day


Course Setting

OCAD Sketch App


Topographic Maps, City Maps and Leisure Maps

Thematic Maps