OCAD Inc. operates in the business field of software development for the production of maps. It sells its software application OCAD in various editions worldwide, adapting customer requests and offers technical support, training and consulting.
Since 1989, OCAD has been subject to ongoing development following customers‘ wishes. OCAD Inc. is an independent corporation owned by individuals and founded in 2005 after the sudden death of the founder of OCAD, Hans Steinegger. There are 6 employees working at OCAD Inc. located in Baar, Switzerland. In addition, various reseller worldwide support OCAD to sell and distribute the software.

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Thomas Gloor

Managing Director

After an apprenticeship as surveyor’s draftsman, Thomas Gloor studied at the ETH Zurich natural sciences. Afterwards he worked as a scientific assistant at the institutes for agricultural engineering and of cartography at the ETH Zurich for 4 years. Since 2002 he has been responsible as a media publishing house managager for a hiking magazine, hiking books and maps. Since March 2005 he is in charge of the management of OCAD Inc.
Thomas is a map consultant for the Swiss Orienteering Federation and was a member of the map commission of the International Orienteering Federation and the Swiss Orienteering Federation.

Gian-Reto Schaad

Software Engineer

After his apprenticeship as a surveyor, Gian-Reto Schaad studied at the at the University of Applied Sciences of Basel with the degree of Geomatics Engineer. In addition, he completed a postgraduate course in Computer Science and a Master in Geoinformatics. Since 2003 he has been working as a software developer at OCAD AG.

Gian-Reto Schaad is an active map maker and member of the map commission of the Swiss Orienteering Federation and map consultant.

Hubert Klauser

Software Engineer

Hubert Klauser studied Geography at the University of Berne and works as a software engineer for OCAD Inc. since 2007.

He is also active as a map maker and a map consultant of the Swiss Orienteering Federation.

Alistair Landels

Software Engineer

Alistair has written software his entire professional life and will continue to develop the OCAD Sketch App. The former top orienteer has participated in 8 world championships.

With Alistair, the OCAD team also goes international. The native New Zealander lives and works in England.

Rahel Lozano

Head of Sales and Administration

Rahel Lozano did an apprenticeship as a commercial employee in Zug.  At the OCAD Inc. her main activities are the sale and distribution of the software as well as administrative tasks. In addition she is responsible for the accounting.

Andreas Kyburz

Project Manager

Andreas Kyburz studied geosciences at the University of Basel and has a postgraduate degree in geoinformatics. At OCAD AG he is responsible for sales, support and marketing of the software, project management and the production of city maps.

For many years, he was a member of the Swiss national orienteering team. In his spare time, he’s an active cartographer and course setter.


OCAD Team from left to right: Hubert, Gian-Reto, Andreas, Rahel, Alistair, Thomas

Support Offices

P-O Derebrant


P-O Derebrant studied electronics and initially worked as a teacher. He began producing small orienteering maps as a hobby. In 1979 he founded his own company and from then on worked as a map maker. Among other things, he creates basic data for maps by means of photogrammetric aerial photo evaluations. Since 1991 he has been using OCAD to draw maps. He has also translated OCAD into Swedish and since version OCAD 5, P-O Derebrant has been providing support in Sweden.

In memoriam

Hans Steinegger †

Hans Steinegger was born in 1948. After his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering (ETH) he worked in hardware and software development in the telecommunications industry (Autophon) and finally as R&D manager in the semiconductor industry (ESEC).

After developing the first version of OCAD in his spare time he founded the firm Steinegger Software in 1992. He then worked full time on further development of OCAD. In particular, he changed it from a program purely for orienteering maps to a program for general cartography.

When he was younger he orienteered in the Elite class and subsequently ran in his age class. Before starting on OCAD he had drawn several maps using pen and ink. This experience, together with his professional knowledge, was the basis for his development of OCAD.

Hans Steinegger passed away on Saturday, June 19, 2004.