Calculate smoothed contours with OCAD

Non-smoothed and smoothed contour lines in comparison.

Calculate smoothed contour lines with OCAD

Novel technology

OCAD can be used to generate smoothed contour lines. This is made possible by the inclusion of the Topographic Position Index (TPI) in combination with 3D smoothing of the terrain. The strength of the contour smoothing is automatically adapted to the level of detail of the terrain. This leads to improved results compared to conventional contour lines. The terrain is rendered smoothly and accurately.

Large areas in one step

Thanks to XML scripts, huge amounts of data can be calculated at once. Along the tile boundaries, the data of neighboring tiles are aligned so that the contour lines are continuous beyond the tile boundaries. To keep the file size as small as possible, irrelevant vertices are removed and the contour lines are converted to Bézier curves.

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Our Services

Calculation and supply of smoothed contour lines

We deliver smoothed 0.5m or 1m contour lines for small or large areas. The delivery takes place as DXF and Shape in 1x1km tiles.


Our OCAD experts are happy to teach you everything you need to work independently with OCAD.

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Worldwide use

OCAD is a vector graphics program for drawing togographic maps or various types of plans. The software program was originally developed for the creation of orienteering maps. Today it is successfully used in all areas of professional cartography.

Ongoing development

OCAD has been continuously developed according to customer requirements for 30 years. At the headquarters of OCAD AG in Baar, Switzerland, there are 7 employees who stand up for our credo: “We do whatever it takes to make your maps perfect”.

Our References

Canton of Zug

The canton of Zug needed newly calculated 1m contour lines (or 0.5m in flat areas) from the swissALTI3D data,
in order to provide them to third parties.

Canton of Schwyz

Smoothed contour lines with 1m equidistance were calculated from 1003 laz tiles of the product swissSURFACE3D, tile size 1 km x 1 km.

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