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====Print / Export====
====Print / Export====
* new option to load extent from selected objects
* new option to [[Printing_Maps#Setup_Part_of_Map|'''load extent from selected objects''']]
* SVG export also available in Starter and CS edition
* SVG export also available in Starter and CS edition
* [[Export_Files#Export_GPX|'''GPX export:''']] export elevation of waypoints and track points if DEM is loaded
* [[Export_Files#Export_GPX|'''GPX export:''']] export elevation of waypoints and track points if DEM is loaded

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General / GUI

  • right panel replaced with docking dialog
  • pan with mouse wheel down
  • zoom in / out with [Ctrl] and +/-
  • faster drawing of text objects



Print / Export



Drawing Objects

  • show object length in status bar while drawing and editing
  • show area completation while drawing area objects
  • enlarge line text objects automatically while writing

Editing Objects

  • show draft line to previous and next vertex when moving a vertex
  • show draft line when moving / stretching / rotating an object
  • move single line or area vertex with arrow keys
  • align objects horizontal coordinate centered
  • distribute objects equidistant (horizontal or vertical)
  • move object's segments with mouse down and move by keeping rectangular angles
  • keep rectangular angles while moving a vertex while pressing [Shift]
  • click anywhere in area or text object to move it
  • select and mark entire text in text object with double click
  • remove vertices with [Ctrl] and mouse move (brush)
  • rectify objects
  • generalize buildings (geometry simplification, replace with rectangle)
  • smooth objects: extended with angle and curvature parameter
  • polyline to curve: extended with tangent length, angle and continuity parameters
  • stretch or shrink objects
  • fill: extended to fill text or point object with line or area symbol
  • merge lines: tolerance option added to preferences
  • rectangle objects: fill with area symbol and change to line symbol added




  • new interactive circular transformation
  • colors: new search box
  • convert layers: support [Tab] as separator in .crt files
  • shortcuts for map menu items added



Thematic Map


Background Map


  • import: new option to import only a user-defined extent
  • create hillshading: new previe option
  • create hillshading: new interpolation option



XML Script

  • MapScale,Easting, Northing and Angle options for File.New added
  • IgnoreMissingBackgroundMaps option for File.Open added
  • dataset name for parameter 'Dataset' supported

Course Setting

  • shortcuts for all course setting menu items added


  • improved variation distribution for relay courses with leg variations



  • polish language added

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