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Product Activation Error

Each OCAD license can only be activated a certain number of times.

If this number of possible activations is used up, an error message will appear at the next activation attempt.


If possible, use the License Transfer Utility in the OCAD Help menu to transfer an OCAD license.

If you have no access to the OCAD license (e.g. PC crash, license is used by inactive member), fill out the Transfer form or contact and we can help you to reactivate the license.

Script Error Open Street Map

The integration of Open Street Map may not work with New Map Wizard and Online Map Services.

How to solve this issue:


This bug will not be not fixed in OCAD 12.

Web service for declination not available

In order to find out the declination of a specific location, OCAD calls a NOAA web service. This web service is not available from time to time, which is why an error appears in OCAD. Please try again later.


License has been deactivated


This error may appear if OCAD Inc had to block your license, e.g. due to a license transfer.

Please go to C:\ProgramData\OCAD\OCAD 2018, delete the activation file and start OCAD again.

Hint.jpgNote: C:\ProgramData\ is a hidden folder, see screenshot below.

Download OCAD Update does not work

The OCAD Build 3226 - 3232 have a problem with a broken update link.

Read here how to fix it.

Error in string resource. Invalid translation. Error code 208


This error message appears after installing an OCAD Service Update.

Cause: OCAD was running when installing the Service Update. The installer didn't replace the program file. The old program file is not compatible with the new string files.

Solution: Close OCAD first und install the current Service Update again.

Other Errors

Please contact