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Help Menu

Contents: The contents of this help file.
Menu: Help for menu commands.
Toolbar: Help for toolbar buttons.
Tutorials: Link to the OCAD Tutorials.
What is New: Click on this menu item to open the What is New page.

OCAD Home page: Connect to the OCAD homepage on the Internet.
Download Update: Download the current Service Update from the OCAD website.
YouTube Channel: OCAD Youtube Channel
Getting Started with OCAD: Open the pdf file 'Getting Started with OCAD'. For different languages see here .
OCAD Blog: Show the newest posts from OCAD Blog.

License Transfer Utility: Deactivate this license and transfer it to a new user.
License Manager: Overview about the licenses from your organization.

About OCAD: General Information about OCAD.

OCAD Offline Wiki

The OCAD Offline Wiki is opened if you are offline and press a help button inside the OCAD program.