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This function is only available in the OCAD 11 Enterprise Edition.

Diese Funktion ist in OCAD 11 nur in Englisch verfügbar.

When a CSA-Project is loaded there are two new menu commands in the Background Map menu:

  • Server Load Raster Map
  • Server Manage Raster Map

These commands can be used to load and manage raster background maps which are stored on the server and are available for all users.

Upload a Raster Background Map

Follow these steps to upload a server raster background map:

  1. Click the Server Manage Raster Map command in the Background Map menu.
  2. The SCArch Raster Map Management dialog appears. Here you can upload a raster image from a local source.
  3. Click the Select button in the Upload raster map part of the dialog.
  4. The Open Background Map dialog appears where you can choose a raster image.
  5. If a world file exists in the same folder as the raster image, it is automatically chosen by OCAD. Otherwise you will have to copy paste the file path in the World file field.
  6. Add a Description. This will be the title of the map.
  7. Click the Upload button. OCAD will tell you if the upload was successful.

The raster map is now stored on the server.

Assign Permissions

As a next step, permissions have to be allocated:

  1. The uploaded raster map appears in the Available raster maps list still in the SCArch Raster Map Management dialog.
  2. Select the raster map in this list.
  3. In the Available Projects list all projects on the server are shown. Select those projects you want to give permission to load the raster map (multiple selection possible).
  4. Click the Assign permission button. To remove permission click the Clear selection button and then the Assign permission button.
  5. Click the Close button.

Load a Raster Background Map

Finally, you have to load the raster map:

  1. Choose the Server Load Raster Map command in the Background Map menu.
  2. A list of all available raster maps is shown in the SCArch Load Raster Maps dialog.
  3. Select those raster maps which are to be loaded (multiple selection possible).
  4. Click the Load button.
  5. If the raster map does not have any resolution or geo-referencing information, you will have to enter it in a separate dialog.
  6. Click the Close button.

Remove a Raster Background Map from the Server

If you want to remove a raster background map from the server, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Manage Raster Map command in the Background Map menu.
  2. The SCArch Raster Map Management dialog appears. Select the map to be deleted in the Available Raster Maps list.
  3. Click the Remove map button.
  4. Agree to the next dialog to remove the map permanently from the server.

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