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Open OCAD File

Open Soedertaelje_map_empty.ocd file. The file is located in the following directory 2_Soedertaelje_ocd.

-> OK

In this OCAD file a symbol set is already defined.

Import Shape File

Import vl_0356 from the folder 1_Soedertaelje_shp - import_first_layerinfo_DETALJTYP (File -> Import).

Merge Objects by Database Field Values

Choose Merge Objects by Database Field Values from Database menu. Choose Dataset vl_0356 and Field NAMN1.

-> OK

Import Shape Files

Import the following shape files from the directory 1_Soedertaelje_shp in the subfolder import_second_with_layerinfo_KOD (File -> Import):

  • ag_0356.shp
  • al_0356.shp
  • ba_0356.shp
  • bf_0356.shp
  • bi_0356.shp
  • bq_0356.shp
  • by_0356.shp
  • hl_0356.shp
  • jl_0356.shp
  • js_0356.shp
  • my_0356.shp

hint -To mark everything, press Ctrl + A or
-press Crtl while marking by clicking single objects with mouse or
-pressed drag the mouse pointer over the files.

Run Crt File

Choose Convert Imported Layers to Symbols in Map menu. Load GSD-2-OCAD.crt from the folder 4_Soedertaelje_crt_cnt.

-> Execute

Import Shape File

Import tx_09561 from the folder 1_Soedertaelje_shp - import_third_with_layerinfo_THOJD (File -> Import).

Assign Text

Choose Add Texts by Records from Database menu. Choose tx_0356 from Dataset and

-> OK

Assign Symbols

Choose Assign Symbols by Records from Database menu. Choose tx_0356 from Dataset and Load AssignTextsymbols_THOJD_TJUST.cnt from the file 4_Soeertaelje_crt_cnt

-> Execute