Visualization of Cadastral survey data for city maps

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Open OCAD file

Open the file Symbol Set Amtliche Vermessung.ocd.


Import Kindhausen_dxf.dxf

Kindhausen ImportFile.PNG

Check Import INSERT as point object

-> OK

Hint.jpg Click Icon ShowEntireMap.PNG Show Entire Map.

Imported objects are displayed as Unsymbolized Objects.


Hint.jpg Select an object with the mouse, to see on which layer it is located. The [layer information] is based on "DXF-Geobau Layerdefinition" (Swiss standards SN 612'020).

Convert imported layer

Choose Convert Imported Layer to Symbols from Map menu and Load Basisplan_DXF_Layerstruktur.crt.

Kindhausen ConvertImportedLayerToSymbols2.PNG

-> Execute


DEM Import

Choose [DEM Import] from DEM menu and Add Kindhausen_asci.asc.

Kindhausen DEMImport.PNG

-> Analayze and Save as an ocdDem file.

Create Hill Shading

Choose [Create Hill Shading] from DEM menu. Choose Hill shading (slope shading combined with oblique light shading) and check Load the exported map as backgroundmap.

Kindhausen CreateHillShading.PNG

Hint.jpg To see the results better, set Exaggeration to 8.


Create Contour Lines

Choose [Create Contour Lines] from DEM menu. Select desired Contour interval and appropriate line symbols.

-> OK

Kindhausen CreateContourLines.PNG