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OCAD is a Windows software. However, OCAD runs on Linux using Wine.

We installed Wine on Ubuntu Desktop and run OCAD afterwards without any problems.

Wine is a free software and enables Linux users to run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows. Install Wine from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Ubuntu Desktop.PNG


Known Issues

  • Problem: Printing does not work. Solution: Export PDF file and print this file.
  • Problem: Course Setting: Control description box does not appear in OCAD 12. Solution: Fixed in OCAD 2020.
  • Problem: The often used Windows fonts like Arial and Segoe are not available in Ubuntu. So replaces these fonts to installed fonts.

Error in File Open and File Save Dialog

  • Problem: Error message when opening or saving a file.

OCAD Linux KnownIssue1.PNG OCAD Linux KnownIssue2.PNG

  • Solution: Change Wine settings for OCAD to Windows 2008.

Linux Wine Config 2019.png

Error in File Open (Trial Version & Mapping Solution)

  • "Problem": File Open on Mapping Solution & Trial Version

This occurs due to the lack of database support on Linux. Just Click OK and OCAD will open the file.

OCAD on Linux-MappingSolution Trial.png

Tested with ubuntu 18.04 LTS, ubuntu 19.04 and Wine 4.0.2.