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Which OCAD edition is suitable?

Schools and Universities have the possibility to order an OCAD Academic edition, which can be installed on max. 20 computers within one classroom.

The OCAD Student edition is aimed at students from partner universities of OCAD.

Both, OCAD Academic and OCAD Student corresponds to the functional range of the OCAD Mapping SolutionMas40px.PNG and have an attractive pricing.
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Other suitable editions are:

- OCAD StarterSta40px.PNG for teachers who like to draw a simple school map.
- OCAD OrienteeringOri40px.PNG for teachers who like to draw a more advanced school map.
- OCAD Course SettingCS40px.PNG for teachers who just like to set courses.

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How to map Schools?

Map a school

Map a classroom

Map a gymnsatic hall

How to set orienteering courses?

Please refer to the OCAD Course Setting Tutorials