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(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

Often it is necessary to make graphic modifications to the courses generated by OCAD because for example a course object covers important map information. The common modifications made for the different courses are stored in the course setting file.

Cut out Control Circles

If a control circle covers a map detail like a knoll, a part of the control circle should be cut out to make the knoll visible. You need to make this cut-out only once. It will be visible for all courses that use this control.

  1. Switch off the Preview mode.
  2. Select the desired control.
  3. Select the cut Cut tool to cut out a part of the control circle.

Hint.jpg To close (repair) a cut, select the Cut tool and click into the gap.

Modify Connection Lines and Moving Control Numbers

You can modify connection lines and move control numbers of a specific course.

  1. Select the desired course in the Course Object Box on the right side of the window.
  2. Make sure that you are in the Preview mode.
  3. Select the desired control number or connection line.


  • Move the control number by dragging the small square to the desired position.
  • Cut out a part of the connection line using the cut Cut tool.
  • Insert additional vertices into the connection line using the select object and edit vertex Add Normal Vertex tool. Move these vertices using the Select Object and Edit Vertex Select Object and Edit Vertex tool.

Hint.jpg Use the Move Control Number for All Courses or the Edit Connection Line for All Courses functions to modify course objects with an effect on all courses.

Make Other Modifications

To make further modifications choose Export Course Maps from the Export submenu in the Course Setting menu.

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