Example Dashed Line with Dots

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To create this line symbol, enter the following parameters to a newly created line symbol:

Main Line

  • Line color: black
  • Line width: 0.2 mm

DashedLineWithDots MainLine.PNG


  • Main length a: 2.0 mm. This is the distance between the dots (from center to center).
  • End length b: 1.0 mm. This must be half the length of the main dash.
  • Gap D: 0.2 mm. This is the length of the gap.

DashedLineWithDots Distances.PNG


  • No. of symbols: 1. Click the Edit button to open the Symbol Editor, where you can draw the dot at the coordinates 0/0.

DottedLine Symbols.PNG

DottedLine SymbolEditor.PNG

Download link: Example_DashedLineWithDots.ocd

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