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This function is available in OCAD Professional.This function is available in OCAD Orienteering.

Click the Open color swatch dialog button in the Colors dialog to open the Color Swatch dialog.

Use this function to compare the color values from the currently opened OCAD file with a color swatch from a reference file. Additionally, it is possible to replace colors by those from the color swatch.


On the left part of this dialog the color table of the currently opened OCAD file is displayed. On the right side a default color swatch is shown. OCAD loads this color swatch from the file Default Color Swatch.txt in the OCAD program subfolder Color Swatch. Click the Load color swatch button to load your own color swatch.

Hint It is not possible to compare Spot Colors with the help of this dialog.

Compare Colors

Colors with identical CMYK values in the color table of the currently opened file and in the loaded color swatch are highlighted green.


Replace Colors

To replace a color in the color list click on the corresponding color in the color swatch and drag and drop it to the color which is supposed to be replaced in the color table.


For example, OCAD takes the CMYK values (0,80,95,0) of the choosen color 11 from the color swatch and overwrites these values for the existing color 35 in the color list.

OCAD overwites always the CMYK values, but not changing the color number. Optionally OCAD overwrites also the Color name, the Overprint flag and the Opacity. Check the corresponding options at the bottom of the dialog.

Replace All Colors

Click the Replace all button to replace all colors from the list by the colors from the color swatch if they have the same color number.

Color Swatch File

The data of the color swatch are saved in a semicolon or tab separated text file with the extension .txt.

To create a color swatch file from an existing OCAD file click the Report button in the Colors dialog and choose Text as a file type.

The last used color swatch file name is saved in the Windows Registry. When reopening this Color Swatch dialog OCAD reloads the last used color swatch.

Move the mouse cursor over the file name to see the full file name with file path.

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