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{| border="1"
{| border="1"
|- class="hintergrundfarbe5"
|- class="hintergrundfarbe5"
! style="width:20em" | 2
!style="width:15%;"| Node <OcadScript !! style="width:30%;" | Parameter
! style="width:20em" | 10
!style="width:15%;"| Data type !! class="unsortable" style="width:40%;" | Values / Description
! style="width:20em" | 20
| A
| A

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(This function is only available in OCAD Professional!)

Choose this command to execute functions whose settings are defined in a XML file.


Example of XML script file:

<export id="3">

1. Introduction

Select Execute XML Script from File menu.

==2. XML Script General


Node <OcadScript Parameter Data type Values / Description

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