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* [[View#Pan|'''Pan''']] with mouse wheel down
* [[View#Pan|'''Pan''']] with mouse wheel down
* [[View#Zoom|'''Zoom in / out''']] with '''[Ctrl]''' and '''[+/-]'''
* [[View#Zoom|'''Zoom in / out''']] with '''[Ctrl]''' and '''[+/-]'''
* Change view mode in status bar
* Change view mode in [[Graphical_User_Interface#Status_Bar|'''status bar''']]
* Faster drawing of text objects
* Faster drawing of text objects

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General / GUI



Print / Export



Drawing Objects

  • Show object length in status bar while drawing and editing
  • Show area completation while drawing area objects
  • Enlarge line text objects automatically while writing

Editing Objects




  • New interactive local transformation
  • Colors: New search box
  • Convert layers: Support [Tab] as separator in .crt files
  • Shortcuts for map menu items added



Thematic Map

Multi Representation

Background Map

  • Support background maps bigger than 2.1 GB
  • Move background maps up and down with drag and drop
  • Option to open background maps hidden with [Shift]


  • Wizard for DEM import
  • Import wizard: Starts with drag and drop DEM file(s) into the OCAD drawing area
  • Import: new option to import only a user-defined extent
  • Create contour lines: Improved (faster)
  • Create hillshading: New preview option for grid import
  • Create hillshading: New interpolation option for grid import
  • Support zlas files

XML Script

  • MapScale,Easting, Northing and Angle options for File.New added
  • IgnoreMissingBackgroundMaps option for File.Open added
  • Dataset name for parameter 'Dataset' supported

Course Setting

  • Shortcuts for all course setting menu items added


  • Improved variation distribution for relay courses with leg variations



  • Polish language added

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