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* '''[[Snapping]]''' available in Orienteering Edition (18.1.0)
* '''[[Snapping]]''' available in Orienteering Edition (18.1.0)
* '''[[Group_and_Ungroup| Grouping of Objects]]''' available in Orienteering Edition (18.2.1)
* '''[[Group_and_Ungroup| Grouping of Objects]]''' available in Orienteering Edition (18.2.1)
*'''[[Object#Paste_Text|Paste Coordinates]]''' and Move View or Create Objects at the place of the coordinates

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On this page you find the lastest function of OCAD, which are described in this Wiki.
To use the newest verion of OCAD, please see the Service Update page to learn how to download it.
A rough overview over the last years shows the Timeline on your homepage.




Editing Objects





Multiple Representation


Thematic Map

Background Map

  • Online WMS available in Orienteering Edition (18.2.1)


  • Create Contour Lines: Create smoothed contour lines using topographic position index (TPI) (18.0.0)
  • Create Contour Lines: Use different symbols for depressions (18.0.0)
  • Create Contour Lines: Load symbols from template… for faster assignment to the different types of countour lines (18.0.0)
  • Extract landform or vegetation point features directly from DEM (knolls, small depressions, prominent trees) with the Extract Features function (18.0.0)
  • Vectorize automatically cliffs with the Extract Cliff Features From Black Pixels function (18.1.4)
  • Import Wizard: Option to create vegetation base map from Lidar point cloud (18.2.1)



  • Use the License Transfer Utility to deactivate your license on your computer and activate it on another one (12.2.0)
  • The License Manager shows an overview about the OCAD licenses which are assigned to your organization (12.2.8)
  • License Manager: It is possible to install additional Team licenses (18.2.0)

Course Setting



  • Show all courses together in preview (18.1.5)

Course and Event Statistics

  • Leg statistics option to hide legs used in one course only (18.1.5)
  • Show number of runners per leg in Leg statistics (18.1.5)
  • List of categories per course added to course and event statistics export (18.1.5)



Graphical User Interface


  • Expiry date added when starting OCAD (18.0.0)
  • Expiry date in activation file (18.0.0)
  • Silent reactivation added (18.0.0)
  • Subscription Start Date added (18.0.4)
  • Export: Export size A3+ added (18.2.0)
  • XML Script, Shape Export: Parameter 'File' added (18.2.1)

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