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==Background Map==
==Background Map==
* '''[[Online_Map_Services|Online Map Services]]''': Swisstopo services added (20.5.4)
* '''[[Online_Map_Services|Online Map Services]]''': OCAD loads the saved Google Maps background map geo-referenced  (20.5.0)
* '''[[Online_Map_Services|Online Map Services]]''': OCAD loads the saved Google Maps background map geo-referenced  (20.5.0)
* '''[[Background Map]]''': Option to load 32-bit JPEG as TIFF files (19.4.2)
* '''[[Background Map]]''': Option to load 32-bit JPEG as TIFF files (19.4.2)

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On this page you find the lastest function of OCAD, which are described in this Wiki.
To use the newest verion of OCAD, please see the Service Update page to learn how to download it.
A rough overview over the last years shows the Timeline on your homepage. A detailed list with all changes can be found in the Release Notes.


  • Export Shape: Option to export 'Envelope polygon from text objects' added (20.5.3)
  • New Map Wizard: OS Open Map Local (United Kingdom) supported (20.5.0)
  • New Map Wizard: Option to not import Open Street Map data added (20.5.0)
  • PDF Export: Raster Resolution: 1200 and 2400 dpi added in combo box (19.4.2)
  • Import CSV Files: WGS 84 coordinates supported also (19.4.2)
  • New Map Wizard: Beta version of geodata import for Finland and Switzerland added (19.4.1)
  • Symbol Sets: Order of colors for ISOM 2017-2 and ISSprOM 2019 symbol sets improved (19.4.0)
  • Symbol Sets: New symbol sets for International Specification for Ski Orienteering Maps (ISSkiOM 2019) added (19.3.9)
  • Print/Export, Part of Map: Import print and export rectangles from ocd file added (19.3.8)
  • New File: New option the scale the symbols when changing the map scale (19.3.5)
  • Symbol Sets: IOF symbol set for School Orienteering Maps 2019 added (19.3.5)
  • Symbol Sets: Symbol set for sprint orienteering maps ISSprOM 2019 added (19.3.4)
  • Symbol Sets: Orienteering symbol sets updated to ISOM 2017-2 (19.3.3)
  • New Sample Maps "Course Setting Example CitySprint" and "Course Setting Example Forest" (19.3.1)
  • Shape Export: OCAD exports elevation of line objects in TEXT1 field (18.2.2)
  • New Map Wizard: New option to set the map rotation to magnetic north (18.1.7)
  • Layer Info: Information about the imported layers added (18.1.4)
  • Export KMZ: Opacity option added (18.1.0)
  • Create DTM from Google Maps API option added to New Map Wizard (18.0.0)


  • Ruler Guides: Option to load ruler guides from another ocd file added (19.3.7)
  • Ruler Guides: A4 and A3 paper format in print size added if print scale is different than map scale (19.3.0)
  • 64x Zoom supported (18.0.0)


Editing Objects

  • Move parallel: Duplicate object with moving parallel using Shift+Ctrl key (19.3.7)
  • Move parallel: ALT key down to select next object while using moving parallel tool (19.3.7)
  • Paste: Paste function supports the copied text from Object Information dialog (18.2.3)
  • Smart Paste function. Option to create objects or move view (18.2.2)
  • Grouping of Objects available in Orienteering Edition (18.2.1)
  • Paste Coordinates and Move View or Create Objects at the place of the coordinates (18.2.1)
  • Snapping available in Orienteering Edition (18.1.0)





  • Enable layout menu in CS and Starter Edition (19.4.1)
  • Use also relative paths to load layout images (19.4.0)
  • Graticule Name Index: New WGS84 dd°mm'ss.ss" style added (19.3.8)
  • Add Trim and Bleed Marks: Add a print/export rectangle with corresponding extent (19.3.8)
  • Layout: Add multiple image files at once (19.3.6)
  • Move up and down layout objects with drag and drop (18.1.6)

Multiple Representation


  • Create Objects: Support transformation of wgs84 coordinates to map coordinate system (19.3.3)

Thematic Map

Background Map





  • Use the License Transfer Utility to deactivate your license on your computer and activate it on another one (12.2.0)
  • The License Manager shows an overview about the OCAD licenses which are assigned to your organization (12.2.0)
  • License Manager: It is possible to install additional Team licenses (18.2.0)

Course Setting


  • Upload to SPORTident Center: Function added also in Trial version. Limited to 3 courses (20.5.3)
  • Enable layout menu in CS and Starter Edition (19.4.1)

Graphical User Interface

  • Support high DPI monitor scaling and resolution (e.g. 4K monitors) (20.5.0)
  • Show progress also in Windows taskbar (19.3.7)

XML Script

  • XML Script: Parameter 'IgnoreMissingDatasets' in node 'File.Open' added (20.5.4)
  • XML Script: 'ExportObjectsBySymbol' added (20.5.4)
  • XML Script: 'DeleteObjectsBySymbol' extended with the option 'SymbolTreeGroupName' to delete all objects from a symbol tree group (20.5.4)
  • XML Script: Function for importing las/laz files and creating contour lines and vegetation map also available in Orienteering edition (20.5.2)
  • XML Script: Symbol Status Manager added (20.5.2)
  • XML Script: Open to import all ocd files from one directory added (File.Import.Ocd, Directory) (19.4.2)
  • XML Script, DXF Import: Import DXF files added (19.3.2)
  • XML Script, PNG Export: Export PNG files with XML script added (19.3.2)
  • XML Script, Shape Export: Parameter 'File' added (18.2.1)


  • OCAD Preferences: Option to set a default coordinate system added (19.4.0)
  • The OCAD 12 and 2019 Updater can be used as a general overview and update tool for OCAD installations (19.3.4)
  • Export: Export size A3+ added (18.2.0)
  • Subscription Start Date added (18.0.4)
  • Expiry date added when starting OCAD (18.0.0)
  • Expiry date in activation file (18.0.0)
  • Silent reactivation added (18.0.0)

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