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  • To select single objects press Crtl while marking by clicking objects with mouse or
  • pressed drag the mouse pointer over the objects.

Select and Edit Object

Select Object and Edit Vertex

Select Objects by Symbol

Choose this command to select all objects with certain symbols or in a certain layer.

  • All objects with a selected symbol
  • All objects ins layer
  • Layout objects
  • Unsymbolized objects
  • Graphic objects
  • Image obejcts
  • Objects with invalild symbol type

Select Objects by Property

This command is activated if a map file is loaded.


The first option All Objects means that the selection is made out of all objects in the map. The second option Objects with a selected symbol means that the selection is reduced to the objects with a symbol that is selected in the symbol box.


  • Choose a property like Number of vertices, Length etc.
  • Choose an operator like < > = etc.
  • Enter a condition value.

Example 1

Option All objects Condition: Length > 200 Result: All map objects with a length longer than 200 m are selected and listed in a table dialog box.

Example 2

Select two symbols in the symbol box (ex. lake and pond) Option: Objects with a selected symbol Condition: Area <= 3000 Result: All lakes and ponds with an area smaller or equal than 3000 m2 are selected and their properties listed in a table dialog box.

Select All

Clear Selection

Invert Selection

Select Next Object

Choose Select Next Object to select an object which is behind an object that is already selected.

Save Selection


For Save Selection select choosen objects an click Save Selection in Select menu.

The Save Selection'dialog box appears.

Enter selection name and click Save.

Reload Selection

Choose between saved selections and reload it.

The saved objects are selected again.

Edit Selection


Open Edit Selection to rename or delete saved selections.

Select Group

video available [Selection]