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Running OCAD 11 on an Intel-based Mac is possible in different ways. We tested it with a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) and VMWare Fusion.

Virtual Machines

OCAD 11 can be run perfectly within a virtual machine.

VMWare Fusion

As in contrast to Virtual box VMWare Fusion is not free but more stable. We have installed Windows 8.1 with VMWare Fusion on Mac OS X 10.9. You can work with OCAD/Windows in the so called single Window Mode or complete transparent in the Unity mode. Screenshots from the OCAD:

Single Window Mode

VMWare MacOSX SingleWindowMode.png

Unity Window Mode

VMWare MacOSX UnityWindowMode.png

Virtual Box

The advantage of VirtualBox is that it is free. Well, at least the software is free but you will need a Windows license in addition which can cause costs. To show how it looks like, we installed VirtualBox on a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and took some screenshots.





Run OCAD in Seamless Mode:


Run OCAD in Scale Mode:


Run OCAD in Fullscreen Mode:


VirtualBox can also be used with Linux and Solaris systems as a host.

Other Virtual Machines

If you want more performance and a better handling with Windows Apps on a Mac, there are several solutions which cost up to 80€. Examples are Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.


At the moment, there are no OCAD 11 problems known.


OCAD 11 can also be run on a Mac with help of BootCamp.