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OCAD 2018 released on 2018-03-20. So the Beta test is finished.


General Information

We are pleased to announce the release of OCAD 2018 Beta Test Version. OCAD 2018 offers many new features and numerous improvements, which facilitate map-making and thus your work.

OCAD 2018 Beta is available as Mapping Solution, Orienteering, Starter and Course Setting edition.

Ocad2018BetaMas.png Ocad2018BetaOri.png Ocad2018BetaSta.png Ocad2018BetaCs.png

There is no OCAD 2018 Beta of Thematic Mapper, Professional, Student and Starter WOD version. OCAD 12 Professional users can install the OCAD 2018 Mapping Solution Beta.

It is a precondition that OCAD 12 Mapping Solution, Professional, Orienteering, Starter or Course Setting edition is installed and activated on the same computer.

What is New in OCAD 2018?


OCAD 2018 Beta

The software is available in 17 different languages. But all new texts are not yet translated into any other languages than English and German. The current OCAD 2018 Beta version is quite stable. However there are still some bugs in the software. Please backup your file from time to time. It is possible to save the OCAD 2018 files in OCAD 10/11/12 file format.

Known Issues of OCAD 2018 Beta

Bug Reporting

If you detect any bugs, please send us a short report to support@ocad.com with the ocd file attached. Send only one email per bug (no bug lists), please! This will help us, to handle the bugs much easier.

OCAD 2018 Wiki

The OCAD 2018 help system is based on MediaWiki and is only available in English.

Link: https://ocad.com/wiki/ocad/en/index.php?title=Main_Page Some new functions are not yet described in the Wiki. We are working on it.

Beta Release Notes

The latest release notes are available here:

Download and Installation

The OCAD 2018 Beta installation file is only available from the OCAD 12 program. Install the latest OCAD 12.3.1 Service Update, run OCAD and click on OCAD 2018 Beta in the Help menu.


Click on the download link. It will take some seconds until the download starts.

During the installation you have to enter the OCAD 12 license information. An online activation is necessary.

Each Beta version runs about 21 days. The expiry date of this version is visible in the splash during the startup.

We will provide approximately each 15 days a new version with fixed bugs.

Please test OCAD 2018 always with the latest version.

During the startup OCAD checks automatically for a new Beta update version.



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