O-training with OCAD

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This function is available in OCAD Mapping Solution.This function is available in OCAD Orienteering.This function is available in OCAD Starter.This function is available in OCAD Course Setting.

Learn how to make o-technical excercises.


For a course setting project, you need two OCAD files:

- A [Course Setting File]
Like map files it has the extension .ocd, but it has a special internal mark to identify it as a course setting file.

- A [Map File] This is your OCAD map which will be loaded as Background map for the Course Setting Project.
Hint.jpg You can also load a raster image (PNG, JPG, ...) as background map. However, not all trainings described on this page will work if you don't have an OCAD Map File.

Now start a New Coure Setting Project.

Simple Course

  1. Make sure the map scale of your Course Setting file is the same as your Map file


  • [Course Setting File] Choose New in the Symbol Menu and create a new Line Symbol.
- In the Mail Line tab, activate Course setting symbol: Marked route
- In the Double Line tab, choose the desired width of the corridor (e.g. 4mm) and the border lines.

Corridor2.png Corridor1.png

  • Draw your corridor. Each corridor will appear as a Mared Route in the Course Setting Box. Insert the corridors in your course.


  • Edit your corridor in a next step.
- Cut overlapping parts.
- Insert additional vertices in sharp turns.


  • Cover the remaining parts with white
- Use the White background (Symbol 760) and the Follow existing objects
- Activate Follow existing objects under Options> OCAD Preferences> Drawin and Editing to enable line following for double lines (hold the Ctrl button).
- Instead of using White background for covering, first define a new white color (Map>Colors>Add) and then create a new area symbol (Symbol>New>Area Symbol) where you use this color as Fill Color. Like this you can set the Opacity of the white color to e.g. 90%, so you are not completly lost when leaving the corridor.


Corridor4.png Corridor5.png

Reduce Map

  • [Map File] Select the symbols you want to hide in the Symbol Box and go to Symbol>Hide Object or simply press F4. Save the map and load it in your [Course Setting File]. Like this you can easily create contour maps.


  • [Map File] Use the Crop funtion to differ which symbols you want to crop in which parts of your map.

Save the map and load it in your [Course Setting File]. Like this you can easily create multitechnique trainings.