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What is MapAnt Switzerland

MapAnt Switzerland is an automatically generated orienteering map, which should cover the whole of Switzerland in the near future. As a pilot project, the region of northwestern Switzerland was calculated.

To map all parts of Switzerland, we depend on free and freely available LiDAR data, which are not yet available in all cantons. However, this should be the case in near future.

How was MapAnt created?

The map tiles for MapAnt were created with OCAD.

Large amounts of LiDAR data were imported via XML script to derive contour lines and a vegetation map.

Also, data from the official cadastral survey were imported and converted into OCAD symbols.

Afterwards, WMTS tiles were exported to OCAD and made available on the web with leaflet.

Origin of the data

The data were obtained from the individual cantons.

Canton Cadastral survey data LiDAR data / year
Solothurn Yes Yes / 2018
Basel-Land Yes Yes / 2018
Basel-Stadt Yes No
Aargau Yes No


MapAnt Switzerland was inspired by various similar projects worldwide, most notably MapAnt Finland and MapAnt Norway.
Thanks for the idea and willingness to share knowledge.