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Welcome to the OCAD Wiki main page!

Quick Start with OCAD

Hint.jpg If you are new to OCAD, the Quick Start with OCAD page is the perfekt way to start with OCAD.

This page is available in many different languages.

You find information about OCAD Installation, Activation/Reactivation and License Transfer, PDF Manual Getting Started, Learn Videos,
Help Menu, Tutorials, Sample Maps, Tips with Keyboard and Mouse, Service Update.

OCAD Topics

Hint.jpg If you are interested in a workflow or need support on a topic, then you are exactly right here.

Start with OCAD Use Existing Spatial Data Maps, Symbols and Colors
Quick Start with OCAD Import Files Create a New Map
Newly Added Functions Database Create a New Symbol
Graphical User Interface WMS Symbol Set Overview
New Map Wizard Background Map Colors

Drawing and Editing Export and Print Capture and derive own Data
Drawing an Object Export Files DEM Wizard
Edit Object Printing Maps LiDAR Point Cloud Manager
Generalization Layout GPS and Laser Rangefinder

Cartography Tools Orienteering Tools Technical Data
Multiple Representation Course Setting for Orienteering Technical Data
Thematic Mapper O-training with OCAD OCAD on Mac OS X
OCAD Internet Map O-mapping with OCAD XML Script
About this Wiki

OCAD Menus

Hint.jpg If you have a question to a specific funtion, here's the best way to start.

  1. File
  2. View
  3. Select
  4. Object
  5. Topology
  6. Symbol
  7. Map
  8. Layout
  9. Multiple Representation
  10. Database
  11. Thematic Map
  12. Background Map
  13. DEM (Digital Elevation Model)
  14. GPS
  15. Options
  16. Window
  17. Help