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[[File:Pro40px.PNG|This function is available in OCAD Professional.|link=https://www.ocad.com/en/products/ocad-for-cartography]][[File:Std40px.PNG|This function is available in OCAD Orienteering.|link=https://www.ocad.com/en/products/ocad-for-orienteering]][[File:Sta40px.PNG|This function is available in OCAD Starter.|link=https://www.ocad.com/en/products/ocad-for-orienteering]][[File:View40px.PNG|This function is available in OCAD Viewer.|link=https://www.ocad.com/en/downloads/ocad-viewer]][[File:CS40px.PNG|This function is available in OCAD Course Setting.|link=https://www.ocad.com/en/products/ocad-for-orienteering]]
#REDIRECT [[Options#Language]]
Choose the '''Language''' submenu in the '''Options''' menu to change the language. OCAD supports the following languages at the moment:
* English
* Czech
* German
* Spanish
* French
* Italian
* Hungarian
* Norwegian
* Portuguese
* Finnish
* Swedish
* Turkish
* Japanese
[[File:Hint.jpg]] Changing the language has no effect on the language of symbol and color descriptions of the template files. The language you must define during the installation process defines which template files are installed and therefore which language they have.

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