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(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

This dialog box appears when clicking Options in the Course menu.

In this dialog box you define options for all courses.


Event title: Enter the name of the event. This appears in the control description and on the map for the course title symbol. See also Adding a Course Title.

Course title: If you have placed a course title object you can choose here what should appear in the course title. The same course title will appear in control descriptions (on the map and in separate control descriptions). Choose one of the following options:

  • Classes
  • Course name and class(es)
  • Course name only


Numbering: Define how the control shall be labeled. Choose one of the following options:

- Number (e.g. 7) - Number and code (e.g. 7-84). - Code only (e.g. 84)

Distance from circle to number: Enter here the distance of the control numbers from the circle. Standard value is 1 mm.

Full stop after control number: See Hint in the dialog box.

Distance from circle to connection line

In some countries it is common that the connection line does not start at the circle, but only at a certain distance from the circle. Enter here this distance if a gap is required otherwise leave this distance at 0.00 mm.

Control description

Thicker horizontal line: Select which horizontal line shall be rendered thicker. Choose one of the following options:

  • Not: No thicker line
  • Every third: Every third line will be drawn thicker
  • Every fourth: Every fourth line will be drawn thicker

Maximum length: Select the maximum rows per column for the control description. If the number is exceeded the control description will be drawn in two columns.

Number of start: See Hint in the dialog box.

Control descriptions on the map

Box size: If you print the control description together with the course you can enter the box size. The default value is 6 mm. If you enter an other box size then 6 mm the text control description will be expanded/reduced accordingly.

White background: Activate this check box to blockout the map below the control description.

Add control description for all controls: Activate this check box to print all control description to the course.

XML Export

Activate this check box to export the relay variation also within the XML export. This is an extensions of the IOF specification.

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