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[[File:Help.jpg|Help]] IOF International Specification for Control Description 2004: The description sheet boxes should be between 5mm and 7mm.
====White Background====
====White Background====

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(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

Choose the Options command from the Course Setting menu to display the Course Options dialog box.



Event Title

Enter the name of the event. The event title appears on top of the control description.

Course Title

Choose wheter the Course Title shall be displayed with the Classes, the Course Name and Classes or the Course Name only.




Choose wheter the controls shall be numbered with the Number, the Number and Code or the Code only.


Distance from Circle to Number

Enter the default distance from the control circle to the number in mm.


Full Stop Behind Control Number

Check this option if a full stop shall be placed behind each control number.


Connection Lines

Define a distance from the circle to the connection line in this field.


Control Description

Thicker Horizontal Line

Choose between a thicker horizontal line in the IOF Symbol Control Description every third or every fourth line or not at all.


Maximum Length

Define the maximum length of the control description in rows in this field.


Number of Start

Check this option so that the number of the start appears in the control description.


Control Description on the Map

Box Size

Define the size of a box in the control description in this field. Click the Standard button to set the value to 6.00 mm.


Help IOF International Specification for Control Description 2004: The description sheet boxes should be between 5mm and 7mm.

White Background

Check this option to get a white background behind the control description on the map.


Add Control Descriptions for All Controls

Check this option to add the control description on the All Controls map, too.


XML Export

Activate this check box to export the relay variation also within the XML export. This is an extensions of the IOF specification.

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