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The Color Picker dialog helps to find a suitable color (e.g. if you want to define a new Color).

1. Choose the Colors command in the Map menu to open the Colors dialog.
2. Select a color or add a new one, then click the Choose color from color picker button to open the Color Picker dialog.
3. The Color Picker dialog appears. You can either choose...
  • ...a color from the color hexagon. Adjust the brightness of the colors with the slider on the right of the color hexagon.
  • ...a grey level from right below the color hexagon.
  • ...a color defined in the CMYK color model if you enable the CMYK option.
  • ...a color defined in the RGB color model if you enable the RGB option.
The chosen color is displayed on the bottom right side of the dialog.
If you choose a color in the color hexagon, either the CMYK or RGB values are updated depending on wheter color model is enabled.
4. Click the OK button to accept the color, click the Cancel button to quit the Color Picker dialog without saving any changes.

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