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General Information about OCAD like license information and current version of OCAD.


  • License

See here your license information like...

License number: The number or your license.
Name: How the license is named.
Subscription start date: The date your Subscribtion has started.
Activation date: The date you have activated OCAD.
Last verification: The date your license was verified the last time. This is done automatically and requires an internet connection.
Pending Verification: The date your license has to be verified the next time at the lastest. After the displayed date, you can't use OCAD anymore.
Subscription end date: When your Subscription will end. After this date, OCAD will not run anymore.
  • Software
See here your exact Software Version.
Experiation date software version: It means that after this date, the software cannot be installed and opend anymore. This is for security reson. When you install a new Service Update, the Experiation date ot the software version will be extended.
  • License Term

Click here to see the License Terms.