Draw Georeferenced Maps and Transform Their Coordinates.



orthophoto (georeferenced)



It is becoming more and more important to draw maps with a reference to a coordinate system. On the one hand, the corresponding basic Geodata is provided and on the other hand, the use of GPS equipment requires a reference to a coordinate system. OCAD allows you to choose to work with paper coordinates (mm) or a coordinate system (m) from a great variety of countries. In addition, OCAD provides functions to transform existing maps into a coordinate system (geo-referencing).

The new OCAD function «Change Coordinate System» allows you to change between different coordinate systems. You can find the manual and other functions about map transformation by visiting OCAD 12 Wiki, «Map Transform».


Import Geodata.


With OCAD you can import Geodata from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as SHP and DXF formats.

OCAD allows you to import OpenStreetMap (OSM) and convert them into an OCAD Symbolset. After the import you can edit the data with OCAD and join them with other geodata or print them. OCAD supports the following import formats for geodata:

  • SHP (Shape-Format)
  • DXF (Data Exchange Format)
  • GPX (GPS Exchange Format)
  • OSM (Open Street Map XML)

You find more import formats at OCAD 12 Wiki, «Import Files»


Web Map Service Server.


The Web Map Services (WMS) module makes it possible to load maps from various WMS providers either as a draft for updating your map or to use it as a background map. For more information please contact: OCAD 12 Wiki, «WMS».


The Cartographic Software With Database Connection.





The database connection has been improved making the management of database much easier, e.g. supporting Microsoft Access and EXCEL as default database and transform different coordinates system while importing shape files. The following functions and more you find on: OCAD 12 Wiki, «Database».

  • Connection of databases by ODBC interface
  • Creating point and text objects out of databases
  • Saving coordinates of map objects in databases
  • Database export (Shape-Export)
  • Automatically compilation of street index
  • SQL query