OCAD is a software for drawing maps of all types. It has been developed by Hans Steinegger in order to generate digital orienteering maps. Nowadays OCAD is used in every field of professional cartography. Thanks to the simple handling and a prepared set of map symbols, you will be able to draw perfect maps in just a short time

Inventor Hans Steinegger
Hans Steinegger, the Inventor of OCAD was born 1948. After finishing his studies with the Diploma of electrical engineer ETH he worked at Autophon in the hard- and software development. Afterwards he worked for 10 years as head of development at the firm ESEC.
Hans developed and programmed the first version of OCAD during his leisure time. 1992 he founded the firm «Steinegger Software» and started to work fulltime for his own business. In particular he wanted to change the programme from the special software for orienteering to a software which can be used generally used in cartography.

Hans Steinegger was an elite runner in orienteering. Before the development of OCAD he has been drawing an amount of maps with rapidograph and technical pen. These practical experiences and the know-how of his job were a successfulness background for the development of OCAD.


Development of The Software
After the release of OCAD’s first version in January 1989, OCAD has been subject to ongoing development following customer’s wishes.



  • 1992 foundation of «Steinegger Software» by Hans Steinegger
  • April 1994 version 5 runs new on Windows (3.1)
  • Hans Steinegger passed away due to heart failure on 19. June 2004
  • Mai 2005 the OCAD AG was founded






New Modul "ThematicMapper" for creating Thematic Maps, move line segment, generalize buildings, smooth contour lines with diffrent toleranc levels, Symbol Status-Manager, Docking-Panels, Analyse of
LiDAR- und DEM-Data with a step-by-step assistant, irregular stochastic pattern, time stamp for objects, manage large background maps and LiDar-data due to new 64-Bit-Version, multiple representation

Windows 10


OCAD for Cartography

  • OCAD 12 Mapping Solution
  • OCAD 12 ThematicMapper
  • OCAD 12 Professional


 OCAD for Orienteering

  • OCAD 12 Professional
  • OCAD 12 Orienteering
  • OCAD 12 Starter
  • OCAD 12 Course Setting


OCAD 12 Wiki - Online Help


11 2012

New with WMS (Web Map Service), layout layer, Stairway drawing mode, snapping, Laser Rangefinder drawing mode, Classify Vegetation Height, create color gradient, Shape import

Windows 7



 4 Products:

  • OCAD 11 Professional
  • OCAD 11 Orienteering
  • OCAD 11 Starter
  • OCAD 11 Course Setting

The new version OCAD 11 Enterprise provided a client-server architecture which allows to work in teams.


OCAD 11 Wiki - Online Help

10 2009

Import digital elevation models (contour lines, calculate hill shading and own contour lines), free choose between 11 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese, Turkish und Japanese).

More file formats for import and export (new with SVG [ Scalable Vector Graphics])

Import and edit Freehand or Adobe Illustrator files.

KML (export as KML-format and visualize in Google Earth).

GPX (exchange for GPS-devices)



Windows XP/Vista  
8 2002

Windows XP

Import and export SHP files, Database connection, Course Setting module, Draft-Mode)

3 versions, Professional, Standard, Course Setting





Runs on Windows 98/NT

Import AI files, OCAD background map




For Windows 95/NT

Online help

Change scale, part of map, merge lines, real time GPS, georeference, no more digitising board.

(possible to show areas with hatches, so that background was visible)



April 1994

New in Windows (3.1) program

Scan background maps

Bezier curve

Programmable symbols, create own symbol set

Import DXF-data

Different languages (German, French, English, Swedish, Finnish)



April 1992

Rectangular drawing function

Cut/fill hole

Set corner vertex

Create stamp field

Line tracing

Additionally in Professional: map shift / turn / enlarge / downsize, import additional map part, DXF-function, translation table.

For the first time there are two versions. Standard and Professional but only for OCAD 4 but not until OCAD 8. From there multiple versions again.
3 December 1990

Fill out / make border of areas.

Different options for symbols e.g. fill roads, set thickness of path and rocks.

Small house, small ruin as rotatable point symbol.

Automatically smooth, setting in 5 levels.

Import and export of maps (logos).

2 January 1990 Map-Editor: Objects can be easily shift, deform, smoothing etc.  
1 January 1989

For the production of maps.

MS-DOS version.

«Schneitwald», first map which was generated with OCAD.