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Coming soon: OCAD 2018!

OCAD 2018 will be released soon. The Beta version is available for testing to all OCAD 12 users free of charge. Please visit our new OCAD 2018 Wiki how to download and install it. Two of many new features available in the OCAD 2018 Beta version: Stronger smoothing of contour lines in flat areas using […]

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OCAD als cloudfähige Anwendung

OCAD läuft als Anwendung direkt auf DropBox oder OneDrive. Sie können ihre OCAD Lizenz über die Cloud auf ihrem Desktop-Computer installieren und mit ihren Laptop synchronisieren. Starten sie OCAD von ihrem Desktop und aktivieren sie es. Die Aktivierungsinformation ist lokal auf ihrem Desktop-Computer gespeichert. Nach der Synchronisation ihrer OCAD-Installation mit ihrem Laptop starten sie OCAD über den Windows Explorer. […]

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IOF ISSOM 20XX Final Draft for Sprint Orienteering Maps Released

The international Orienteering Federation (IOF) published a final draft of the new International Specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps (ISSOM) in February 2018. OCAD has created a new ISSOM 20XX Final Draft symbol set and released a Service Update for OCAD 12. OCAD 12 users can download this Service Update via Help menu -> OCAD Service Update. […]

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Access MapAnt WMS in OCAD

One year ago, MapAnt elated the orienteering community by releasing a gigantic automatically generated orienteering map, covering almost every part of Finland. From December 2017 onwards the MapAnt-map can be accessed via WMTS and WMS. OCAD pre-configured the MapAnt WMS in its latest service update. Like this it’s very easy to extend an existing orienteering […]