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This function is only available in the OCAD 11 Enterprise Edition. After successful creation of a new project it can be loaded by either select it and click on the Load selected project button in the Load and Manage Client Server Projects dialog or double by double clicking on the project name.

In contrast to an local file the OCAD 11 Enterprise window will show up with an empty working window. If you selected to create with Import project from existing file or Use existing project as base project the symbol box will be filled otherwise everything is empty.

To be able to navigate easier through the project it is suggested to create a raster preview of the map. Afterwards you should assign rights to other users. Follow up reading on working with the project is provided in the article Working on a CSA Project.

Creation of an raster preview

  1. Load the project you would like to create an raster preview through the Load and Manage Client Server Projects dialog
    Icon GenerateMapPreview.PNG
  2. Select the Generate map preview' button from the toolbar or in the Client Server menu
  3. Choose a pixel size. It defined how detailed the preview will be rendered. A value will be automatically suggested.
  4. By clicking on OK all objects from the projects will be downloaded and a preview will be rendered. This action may take a while.
  5. The newly generated preview will be automatically added to your background maps and is further handled as background map in OCAD.

If the project has a preview it will automatically be loaded each time the project is loaded.

Assigning of User rights

As a project creator you have the right to assign other users on the server to load the project and do certain function. After the creation you are the only one that is allowed to load the project. It is suggested to the rights management as second step. Further instructions are include in the Article Rights Management

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