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File extension Format Properties Advantages Disadvantages Graphic
*.ai Adobe Illustrator Version 7     Vector (2D)
*.bmp Bitmap   Uncrompressed or lossless RLE (runlength entcoding)
The weak compression result in
larger file sizes than other formats
*.dxf Drawing Interchange Format     Also suitable for 3D models Verctor (2D)
*.eps Encapsulated Post Script   Writing style   Vector and/or Raster
*.Gif Graphic Interchange format   Lossless compressing graphics format
Supports animations
Limited to 256 colors Raster
*.gpx GPS eXchange file GPS data   XML-based format for GPS data  
*.jpg Joint photographic experts group   Lossy compressed 24 bit image files
Embedding of paths possible
This is unsuitable for text and hard color transitions Raster
*.Kml Google Earth (Vector) Map     Vector
*.kmz Google Earth (Raster) Coordinates     Raster
*.htm Ocad internet map Types:
Java Applet
Flash SVG
*.pdf Portable Document Format   Lossless compression
On any operating system readable Small file size
Need reader to read Raster and or vector
*.shp Shapefile ESRI ArcGIS format for storing vector data      
*.svg Scalable Vector Graphics Open, XML-based vector graphics format      
*.tiff Tagged Image File Format Universal, pixel image format Lossless compression
32 bit

Raster Vector
Raster bsp.png Vector bsp2.png Raster bsp2.png
Vector bsp.png
Vector graphics can scale to any size without quality loss.