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File extension Format Properties Advantages Disadvantages Graphic
*.ai Adobe Illustrator Version 7     Vector (2D)
*.bmp Bitmap   Uncrompressed or lossless RLE (runlength entcoding)
The weak compression result in
larger file sizes than other formats
*.dxf Drawing Interchange Format     Also suitable for 3D models Verctor (2D)
*.eps Encapsulated Post Script   Writing style   Vector and/or Raster
*.Gif Graphic Interchange format   Lossless compressing graphics format
Supports animations
Limited to 256 colors Raster
*.gpx GPS eXchange file GPS data   XML-based format for GPS data  
*.jpg Joint photographic experts group   Lossy compressed 24 bit image files
Embedding of paths possible
This is unsuitable for text and hard color transitions Raster
*.Kml Google Earth (Vector) Map     Vector
*.kmz Google Earth (Raster) Coordinates     Raster
*.htm Ocad internet map Types:
Java Applet
Flash SVG
*.pdf Portable Document Format   Lossless compression
On any operating system readable Small file size
Need reader to read Raster and or vector
*.shp Shapefile ESRI ArcGIS format for storing vector data      
*.svg Scalable Vector Graphics Open, XML-based vector graphics format      
*.tiff Tagged Image File Format Universal, pixel image format Lossless compression
32 bit