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(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

Auto Control Description is a tool to support course setters with a semi-automatic identification of the control feature. The course setting project and the map need to have the same scale and the same offset.

  1. Choose the Auto Control Description command in the Course Setting menu to set up auto control description.
  2. The Auto Control Description dialog box is displayed.
  3. Check the Use auto control description option.
  4. An OCD or EOCD-Background Map must be chosen. The Auto Control Description tool does not work with raster background maps.

Allocation table: In the allocation table the relationship between the map symbols and the control description symbols are defined. The allocation table must be adapted if the background map was not drawn with an actual ISOM compatible symbol set.

Course setting with Auto Control Description

If the auto control description mode is activated then the controls' description is shown in Course Object dialog box after the control is placed.

Identification of Control feature If the control is placed by clicking exactly on an OCAD object, OCAD will identify the control feature and add the corresponding symbol to the control description.

Identification of Control feature and location of the control in relation to the feature If the control is placed exactly on an OCAD object by pressing left mouse button and dragging in a defined direction, OCAD will identify the control feature and additionally recognize the location of the control in relation to the feature.

Contour features If the control is not placed exactly on an OCAD object, what typically happens for contour features, press Shift key. OCAD will search around the control position for an object. If this object is a contour line OCAD sets a hill in the control description by default. Change control description symbol by pressing Tab key.

Hint.jpg Additionally there is a way to bring OCAD to add the hill, depression, re-entrant or spur symbol directly to the control description. When placing a control at one of these features press Shift key and drag in one of the four main directions:


Up = hill Down = depression Left = re-entrant Right = spur

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