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Improved or New Features in OCAD 11 since Release in June 2012

*** OCAD Version 11.5.4 (1991) ServiceUpdate 2014-03-03

*** OCAD Version 11.5.3 (1969) ServiceUpdate 2014-02-12

*** OCAD Version 11.5.1 (1952) ServiceUpdate 2014-01-27

  • Coordinate System US State Plane (US Survey Foot) added.
  • DEM Import: Coordinate system transformation added when importing DEM files which have a different coordinate system than the map.

*** OCAD Version 11.4.1 (1911) ServiceUpdate 2013-12-02

  • OIM Export: Localization of exported strings. Add stroke opacity for point POIs.
  • XML Script: Open and Remove background map added.
  • SOSI Import added: Import of Norwegian geo data SOSI file format.

*** OCAD Version 11.4.0 (1888) ServiceUpdate 2013-11-13

  • Czech translation added. Many thanks to Martin Simco, Machovsky mapy s.r.o.!
  • Paper size A0 to A2 added to Ruler Guides.
  • DEM Import: Compressed las file (laz) are now supported.
  • GPS: Support Windows Location API as Real Time GPS interface.

*** OCAD Version 11.3.16 (1853) ServiceUpdate 2013-10-17

  • OIM: Possiblity to set overlays visible at a certain zoom level.
  • OIM: Allow for hover of text information over POI vectors or icons. Allow to style the vector points for diameter, fill color, stroke color, opacity of the fill. Highlight POIs with an arrow through the search.

*** OCAD Version 11.3.13 (1805) ServiceUpdate 2013-08-13

*** OCAD Version 11.3.10 (1748) ServiceUpdate 2013-06-03

  • Add Normal, Corner or Dash Vertex and Remove Vertex Function: Pressing the Alt to select a new object, OCAD change back to the edit mode after releasing the Alt key.
  • Preferences: New option 'Right mouse click change between drawing and editing' added. It is useful to deactivate this option when drawing on tablet with a pen.
  • TIFF Export: OCAD exports also the EPSG code in GeoTIFF file.

*** OCAD Version 11.3.8 (1707) ServiceUpdate 2013-04-29

  • Map: 'Add all' button added to 'Convert imported layers to symbols'.
  • DXF Import: New option 'GIS 1mm/unit' added. This solves problem with unit mm in dxf (e.g. British Ordnance Survey).

*** OCAD Version 11.3.7 (1681) ServiceUpdate 2013-04-09

  • Shape Import: New option not to create a database.
  • Coordinate system DA94 / Geoscience Australia Lambert added.
  • Coordinate system UTM / ETRS89 added.
  • Coordinate system Iceland SN93 / Lambert 1993 added.
  • Coordinate system Dutch grid Amersfoort / RD New added.

*** OCAD Version 11.3.5 (1636) ServiceUpdate 2013-03-11

  • Database, Delete Records without Linked Object: New function added.
  • New DEM function Merge Contour Line added.

*** OCAD Version 11.3.4 (1620) ServiceUpdate 2013-02-27

  • Create Contour Lines: New option 'Split DEM into tiles'. Function is much faster in 'Tile' mode.

*** OCAD Version 11.3.3 (1589) ServiceUpdate 2013-01-31

  • DEM Import: Option to convert Feet to Meters added.
  • Rectangle Symbol: Line style supported. Default value is 'round join'.
  • OCD File Import: New option to import also existing database connections.
  • Calculate DEM Difference: OCAD supports now different cell size and different extent for upper and lower DEM.
  • Create Name Index: Range option added.
  • Object Info Dialog: Two buttons added to copy the data as text in the Windows Clipboard.

*** OCAD Version 11.3.2 (1560) ServiceUpdate 2013-01-07

*** OCAD Version 11.3.1 (1530) ServiceUpdate 2012-12-18

  • Coordinate system North American NAD83 added.
  • Trim and Bleed Marks: Option for marks outside or inside added.

*** OCAD Version 11.3.0 (1502) ServiceUpdate 2012-11-26

  • Color Swatch: Replace all function added to replace all color from the list by the colors from the swatch if they have the same color number.
  • Course Setting: Dialog added to enter the Punching Unit IDs. OCAD exports this IDs in the IOF XML file.
  • Course Setting: Ocd map import function added.
  • Coordinate system Slovenian National Grid D96 added.
  • GPS Real Time: Better visible, thicker GPS cursor.

*** OCAD Version 11.2.2 (1452) ServiceUpdate 2012-10-29

  • DXF Export: write height as z value in DXF file.
  • DEM: Text symbol for DEM profile start- and endpoint label added to template.
  • Map, Change Coordinate System: Option to scale symbols for Google Mercator transformation added.
  • Delete Objects by Selected Symbols added in Professional edition.

*** OCAD Version 11.1.6 (1384) ServiceUpdate 2012-09-19

  • Coordinate system Italian UTM 32N / 33N based upon ETRS89 map datum

*** OCAD Version 11.1.4 (1340) ServiceUpdate 2012-08-29

Revised or New Features in OCAD 11


  • Completely Unicode compatible GUI
  • New GUI styles added
  • Show WGS84 coordinates optionally in status bar
  • More precise bezier curve calculation (changes graphic representation of dashed lines!)


  • Print
- Reference point in part of map setup added
- Save and reload different print ranges
  • Import
- Support Freehand XML format
- Multiple file import for Shape, DXF, GPX, NMEA and XYZ format
- Import Shape: Coordinate system transformation (WGS84 supported), support database type Access and Excel, support code page
- PDF: Save CRT file with layers
- OCAD: Option to import colors at the top of the color table
  • Export
- OIM with HTML and JavaScript (OpenLayer)
- JPEG: Quality setting option
- US Tabloid format added




  • Select All
  • Clear Selection
  • Invert Selection
  • Select Next Object
  • Save Selection
  • Reload Selection
  • Edit Selection
  • Select Group

Drawing Objects

Editing Objects

- Select Duplicate Objects
- Select Self-Intersected Objects
- Select Line Text Objects with too Short a Line
- Lengthen Line Text Objects
- Close Area Objects
- Remove Overshoots and Undershoots
- Insert Intersections


  • New symbol: Create default symbol icon when creating a new symbol
  • Select Symbol by Symbol Number
  • Select Symbol by Font
  • Replace Color of Symbols
  • Replace Font of Symbols
  • Protect Image Objects
  • Symbol Editor
- Colored color combo box
- Scale symbol elements up and down
- Center selected symbol elements
- Make screenshot for symbol icon
- Warning if symbol contains elements with undefined color
  • Symbol Icon Editor
- Icon palette with predefined icons
- Pick color tool added


  • Create Map Grid: Support real world coordinates, symbol selector added
  • Create WGS84 Grid
  • Coordinate System: User defined grid, load parameters from projection file
  • Export Selected Objects
  • Routing via Google Maps API
  • Transformation
- Mirror map
- Change Coordinate System
- Rubbersheeting: Option to exclude protected objects or layout objects
- Rubbersheeting: Show number of rubbersheeting points
- Center Map to Drawing Area
  • Color
- Drag and drop colors
- New color picker
- Color swatch



  • ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) for database access
  • Create new database: Access and Excel supported
  • Rename dataset added
  • Special field 'Angle' added
  • Update special fields function added
  • SQL query: Delete, load and save query
  • Add text by database records: Object offset added
  • Select linked objects with corresponding database record
  • Select linked objects without corresponding database record
  • Select objects linked to the same database record

Background Map

  • WMS - Web Map Service
  • Support PNG format
  • Support 32bit RGB TIFF format
  • Rescale background maps when changing map scale
  • Background map information dialog also for raster background maps




Course Setting


  • Renumber all control codes by entering a new first code
  • Insert course object to a list of courses
  • Delete course object from a list of courses
  • Move control number for all courses that use it
  • Edit connection line for all courses that use it
  • Show thin connection line between control circle and control number when moving control number in preview

Control Description

  • New dialog to edit text control description
  • Create automatic text control description from IOF symbol description
  • Control description positioning at top or bottom left corner


  • New algorithm to distribute relay variations more regularly to teams
  • Export relay variation codes for all runners

Course Statistics

  • Courses dialog: Show course length and number of controls
  • Statistics: Highlight unused course objects in course statistics dialog
  • Statistics: Leg statistics added (number of courses / runners per leg)
  • Statistics: Control/Course diagram
  • Statistics: Detect identical courses and courses without start or finish


  • Import course definition from event software
  • New IOF XML Version 3.0 exchange format supported
  • Export course maps: Export multiple courses to one course map file (only normal courses)


Important Updates Since Release of OCAD 11 in June 2012


  • OCAD Blog: Added option to show new OCAD Blog posts when starting OCAD


Drawing and Editing Objects


  • Much faster Contour Line calculation with Split DEM into tiles option
  • Calculate DEM Difference also for DEMs with different cell sizes and extents

Options - Preferences

  • Option Close line and area objects when editing added.

Course Setting

  • Import OCAD map to Course Setting project added (used for Ski-O, MTB-O)
  • Save Course Setting project as OCAD 9 or 10 file

Coordinate Systems

  • New coordinate systems added

Wiki Help

  • OCAD is now linked with the French Wiki when the GUI language is French.
  • OCAD is now linked with the German Wiki when the GUI language is German.

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