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(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

Choose this command to print the control descriptions. The Print Control Descriptions dialog box is displayed.

Printer Select the printer to print the control description. In the box you can select one of the installed Windows printer drivers. Click the Properties button to change printing options (for instance to print in landscape mode).


  • Control descriptions: Select this radio button to print the symbolic control descriptions.
  • Text control descriptions: Select this option to print the control descriptions as text. A text must be defined for each control.

Box size Enter the size of the symbol boxes for the symbolic controls descriptions. Click the Standard button to set this value to 6 mm.

Copies Enter the number of copies to be printed.

Hint.jpg If you enter more than 1 copy, OCAD will fill entire pages with the same course until the number of copies is reached. Therefore if you enter "2" you will get one page per course filled with as many control descriptions as possible of that course.


Courses: Choose courses to print the control descriptions for courses.

Classes: Choose classes to print the control descriptions for classes. You can assign classes to a course in dialog box Classes.

Select here the courses or classes to be printed.

You can select a range of courses or classes:

Click the Select all button to select all courses or courses.

Hint.jpg You can enter the title for the control descriptions in dialog box Course options in menu Course.

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