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There are two types of Interpolate Objects

  • Line objects like contour lines or
  • Point objects like an avenue.

This function is available if two point objects or two line objects are selected. Both line objects need to have the same number of vertices!

Line objects

  1. Create the upper line with a certain number of vertices.
  2. Create the lowermost line with the same number of vertices like the upper line.
  3. Go further as with the second step of Point objects.
create height curves

Point objects

  1. Place the first point object and the last object on the drawing area.
  2. Mark both lines and select Interpolate Objects in the Object menu or click the Icon InterpolateObjects.PNG Interpolate Objects button in the toolbar
  3. Number of objects: Indicate the number of interpolated objects between the marked objects.
  4. Click OK: OCAD generates the missing objects.
create an avenue

hint -Inspect the Symbol in the Interpolate Objects dialog box for correct interpolating.
-Instead of using Interpolate Objects for point objects its also possible to use the Drawing multiple point objects tool.

video available [Interpolate Objects]

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