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Choose this command to cut the selected objects.


Choose this command to copy the selected object(s) to the clipboard.


This command is enabled when the clipboard contains OCAD objects or text and you are writing text.

Choose this command to copy the object(s) in the clipboard to the current map. They are initially placed in the center of the screen.

Choose Cut or Copy from the Object menu to copy objects to the clipboard.

When writing text, the text from the clipboard is inserted.

Hint.jpg When pasting an object from a different map, and the corresponding symbol does not exist in the current map, the symbol will be added. However, if the color table is different, the object may appears in wrong colors. You will have to adjust the colors of the newly added symbol.



Choose this command to delete the selected object(s). As an alternative press the Delete key on the keyboard.

When writing text, the next character or the selected text is deleted.