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Revised or New Features


  • Print
-Reference point in partial map setup added
-Save and reload different print ranges
  • Import
-Support Freehand XML format
-Multiple file import for Shape, DXF, GPX, NMEA and XYZ format
-Import shape: Coordinate system transformation (WGS84 supported), support database type Access and Excel, support code page
-PDF: Save crt file with layers
-OCAD: Option to import colors at the top of the color table
  • Export
-OIM with HTML and JavaScript(OpenLayer)
-JPEG: Quality setting option
-US Tabloid format added


  • Connect/Disconnect
  • Import Map
  • Check Out Selected Objects
  • Check in Selected Objects
  • Show Checked Out Objects
  • Generate Map Preview



  • Select All
  • Clear Selection
  • Invert Selection
  • Save Selection
  • Reload Selection
  • Edit Selection
  • Select Group



-Select Duplicate Objects
-Select Self-Intersected Objects
-Select Line Text Objects with too Short Line
-Close Area Objects
-Remove Overshoots and Undershoots
-Insert Intersections


  • New symbol: Create default symbol icon when creating a new symbol
  • Select Symbol by Symbol Number
  • Select Symbol by Font
  • Replace Symbols Color
  • Replace Symbols Font
  • Protect Image Objects
  • Symbol Editor
-Colored color combo box
-Scale up/down symbol elements
-Center selected symbol elements
-Make screenshot for symbol icon
-Warning if symbol contains elements with undefined color
  • Symbol Icon Editor
-Icon palette with predefined icons
-Pick color tool added


  • Create Map Grid: Support real world coordinates, symbol selector added
  • Create WGS84 Grid
  • Coordinate System: User defined grid, load parameters from projection file
  • Export Selected Objects
  • Transformation
-Mirror map
-Change coordinate system
-Rubbersheeting: Option to exclude protected objects or layout objects
-Rubbersheeting: Show no. of rubber sheeting points
-Center Map to Drawing Area
  • Color
-Drag and drop colors
-New color picker
-Color swatch



  • Borland Database Engine (BDE) replaced with ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) for database access
  • Create new database: Access and Excel supported
  • Rename dataset added
  • Special field 'Angle' added
  • Update special fields function added
  • SQL query: Delete, load and save query
  • Add texts by records: Object offset added.
  • Select linked objects with corresponding record
  • Select linked objects without corresponding record
  • Select objects linked to the same record

Background Map

  • WMS - Web Map Service
  • Support PNG format
  • Support 32bit RGB TIFF format
  • Rescale background maps when changing map scale
  • Background map info dialog also for raster background maps



Course Setting

  • Renumber all control codes by entering a new first code
  • Courses dialog: Show course length and number of controls
  • Relay: New algorithm to distribute the relay variations more regularly to the teams
  • Insert course object to a list of courses
  • Delete course object from a list of courses
  • Move control number for all courses that use it
  • Edit connection line for all courses that use it
  • New dialog to edit text control description
  • Create automatic text control description from IOF symbol description
  • Control description positioning at top or bottom left corner
  • Preview: Show thin connection line between control circle and control number when moving control number in preview
  • Course with map change: add number of part behind course name: W21 (1), W21 (2) etc.
  • Statistics: Highlight unused course objects in course statistics dialog
  • Statistics: Leg statistics added (number of courses / runners per leg)
  • Statistics: Control/Course diagram
  • Statistics: Detect identical courses and courses without start or finish
  • Import course definition from event software
  • Export: New IOF XML Version 3.0 exchange format supported
  • Export course maps: Export multiple courses to one course map file (only normal courses)
  • Export relay variation codes for all runners



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