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(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

To create a new course, you first define its name and other parameters. Then you add the course objects.

Defining the name and other settings

  1. Select Courses in course menu.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Enter name in the field Course and enter the remaining settings for the course.
  4. Close the dialog box with the OK button.

Adding course objects

In the next step you add the course objects. They must have been created before.

Add start, controls, marked route to the finish and finish. To add an object double-click it in the objects list in the course setting box or double-click the object on the map. When you have added an object, the length of the course is calculated and displayed in the course setting box.

Editing the course

In the list of the controls you find a horizontal blue insertion line. There a new object is inserted.

Delete controls from a course

Select a control in the control list of the course. Press the Delete key to delete the selected control for the course.

Adding relay variations

In relays you have often variations. If you are not familiar with variations in relay courses, you should ask your national orienteering federation about information on how relay variations are used.

OCAD supports 2 kinds of variations:

Team variations: These are the commonly used relay variations. Runners of different teams go to different controls. The length of the legs are approximately equal.

Leg variations: These variations are used for special cases. Example: In a relay for teams with 3 runners, the third runners have a longer course than the first and second runners. In this case somewhere in the course the third runners go to another control than the first and second runners.

To add a variation you must have specified a relay course in the Courses dialog box in the menu Course. Select the Relay in the Course type field and close the dialog with OK.

  1. Click in-between the corresponding controls to set the insertion line to the control list.
  2. Click the Insert button. The Insert Object dialog box appears, where you can specify the variation.

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