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'''File structure'''
'''File Structure'''
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*[FINISH]: Finish code
*[FINISH]: Finish code
'''File Example'''

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This function is available in OCAD 11 Professional.This function is available in OCAD 11 Orienteering Standard.This function is available in OCAD 11 Starter.This function is available in OCAD 11 Course Setting.

(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

Import Courses from ORware

With this function course definitions exported as *.txt or *.csv file from the event software ORware can be imported to an OCAD course setting project. This import is primarily thought for events where the runners from a class have individual courses (butterflies, loops etc.). The import creates one course per runner with it's individual course definition.

The course setting objects (start, controls, finish etc.) have to be added to the course setting project before starting with the import.

File Structure


  • [TYPE]: Course type (individual race or relay)
  • [IDENT]: Course identification. Example: M21-17 (course name and startnumber)
  • [CLASS]: Class name
  • [COMBINATION]: Variation code. Example: BCCA
  • [LENGTH]: Course length
  • [CLIMB]: Course climb
  • [START]: Start code
  • [CTRL1] ... [CTRLn]: Control 1 - n codes
  • [FINISH]: Finish code

File Example

Individual race;M20-1;M20;AA;3700;50;L1;31;33;34;36;M1
Individual race;M20-2;M20;AB;3700;50;L1;31;33;35;36;M1
Individual race;M20-3;M20;BA;3700;50;L1;32;33;34;36;M1
Individual race;M20-4;M20;BB;3700;50;L1;32;33;35;36;M1

hint The header line has to be included into the *.csv file.
hint [TYPE] column is not used in OCAD 11. All imported courses are treated as individual courses.
hint Marked routes are imported as controls. Do not add them to the *.csv file. Add marked routes to the courses with Insert Course Object to Courses function.
hint Map changes cannot be imported. Add map exchanges to the courses with Insert Course Object to Courses function.

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