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Chapter 3: Graphical User Interface



The Toolbars can be moved within the graphical user interface. The buttons can be individually shown or hidden via the Options menu under OCAD Preferences, GUI (Graphical user Interface), Toolbars.


Standard Toolbar

Standard buttons

new New: Create a new map.
open Open: Open an existing map.
save Save: Save changes made to the map.
print Print: Print out the map.
undo Undo: Undo previous actions.
redo Redo: Cancel the previous undo action.

Edit functions

edit functions toolbar

find selected objects Find Selected Objects: Move screen to the selected object.
delete Delete: Delete the selected object(s).
duplicate object Duplicate Object: Create a copy of the selected objects.
fill or make border Fill or Make Border: Fill a line or area object(s) with area object(s) or make line border of area object(s).
merge Merge: Merge multiple line, area and text objects into one object.
reverse object Reverse Object: Reverse the direction of the selected line object(s)
change to Bézier curve Change To Bézier Curve: Convert the selected line or area object(s) drawn in freehand mode to curves.

Convert To Graphic Object:Convert the selected object(s) to their graphic elements (lines and areas).

convert to graphic object Convert To Graphic Object:
smooth Smooth


join Join: Move the ends of the selected line object to connect to adjoining objects.
[[File::ChangeSymbolOfObject.JPG|change symbol of object]] Change Symbol of Object: The selected object is assigned to the symbol selected in the symbol box.
change symbol for all objects with this symbol Change Symbol For All Objects With This Symbol: Change the symbol of all objects with a symbol A to symbol B.
measure Measure: Measure the selected line or area object or the distance between 2 selected vertices objects.
automatic joining Automatic joining: Automatically join the ends of lines during the drawing process.
smoothing level Smoothing level: This option is used to select the required smoothing level for lines, for converting freehand lines into Bézier curves and for automatically smoothing lines drawn in freehand mode.