Visualization of GIS data for topographic maps

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Visualization of GIS Data

Download the tutorial as a PDF file: Visualization of GIS Data.

Variant with TLM Data

In this example data taken from swisstopo - [TLM (swisstopo)].
Download the Sample data [swissTLM3D LV03 - ESRI Shapefile]. Download the [OCAD symbolset and cnt file].

Open OCAD file

Open the file Symbolset_TLM.ocd.

GIS Symbolsset.PNG

Import Shape files

Import the shape files from the directory swisstlm3dlv03ln02shp (File -> Import).

Hint.jpg Do not import the shape files Haltestelle Bahn and Gewaessernetzknoten. This unsymbolized objects can not be assigned. Delete the *.shp, *.prj, *.shx and *.dbf files from the directory swisstlm3dlv03ln02shp.

GIS ImportShapeFiles.PNG

Select desired settings:

  • Cordinate system: Swiss Grid CH1903
  • Check: Existing offset and angle
  • Database type: Microsoft Access 2003/2010 mdb
  • Keyfield in database: Create new key field
  • Imported layer: Do not import any layer information
-> Click OK.

Assign symbols

Choose Assign symbols by records from Database menu to load the cnt file Landeskarte_TLM_updated.cnt and check the keyfield All.

-> Execute

GIS AssignSymbolByRecords.PNG

Assign Unsymbolized Objects:

Choose Add Text by Record from Database menu. Pick the dataset from the unsymbolized object (for example: TLM_GEBIETSNAME_CH) and the appropriate text field (for example: Name). Choose the symbol to be assigned (for example: 1309.000 Gebiet: gross) and check Assign text or line text symbol. Choose the option Replace existing objects and click OK.

GIS AddTextsByRecords.PNG

Assign the text objects from the three dataset correctly:

Dataset Text field Objektart Symbol
TLM_GEBIETSNAME_CH Name Flurname 1310.000 Gebiet klein
TLM_ORTSCHAFT_CH Name Ortschaft 1306.000 Ort, -teil: 100-2'000 Einwohner
TLM_NAME_PKT_CH Name Huegel 1316.000 Berg: klein

Icons in the symbol box with a small red rectangle in the lower right half are shown in white:

  • Graspiste
  • Piste mit Hartbelag
  • Übriges Gebiet
  • Innenhof
  • Bahnhofsareal
  • Flughafenareal
  • Flughafenbahnhofareal

Symbolset TLM.gif