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The Status Symbol Manager allows to easily get access to various status settings.

hint While the Symbol Status Manager dialog is open, the map can still be edited.

Save current symbol status

  1. Select Symbol Status Manager in the Symbol panel.
  2. The Symbol Status Manager dialog opens.
  3. Deside in the Symbol Box which object which status should have.
    hint This can be done befor opening the dialog as well.
  4. Click on Save to save the current symbol status setting.

Symbol status

In this box are all the possible symbol status settings shown.

Change Settings

  1. Click on a saved setting in the box.
    1. The selected name gets a blue bar and the name is shown above.
    hintOnly one symbol status setting can be active at one time.
    hintIf multiple files are picked, only the one which name gets shown will be loaded.
  2. Either double click on the name or click on Load to activate the setting


  1. Click on a setting.
  2. Click on the Export button.
  3. Choose the destination folder and save the .xml file.
hintIf multiple settings are picked to be exported, the get saved in one .xml file but if the file gets imported all settings are present.


  1. Click on the Import button.
  2. Pick and load an .xml file.
  3. The loaded symbol status settings get shown in the Symbol Status box.


  • normal map
  • no tracks
  • height map

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