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Sketch Layer Introduction Space.PNGThis function is available in OCAD Mapping Solution.This function is available in OCAD Orienteering.This function is available in OCAD Starter.

Hint.jpgShort introduction video.

OCAD Sketch Layer and it's tools are designed to be used for field work with a tablet and a pen. The main approach is to make field work drawing as ergonomic as possible. There are just two simple tools: Drawing pen and Eraser. Different colors and pen widths can be chosen for drawing.
The Sketch Layer is an own layer within the OCD file and its features are stored as polylines with a line width and a color. The sketch features are not assigned to any map symbols. The Sketch Layer is rendered on top of the map.
Hint.jpgThe Sketch Layer is also implemented in the OCAD Sketch App.
Sketch Layer Intro

Windows Pen Settings

hint We recommend to turn on the Ignore touch input setting: Windows settings → Pen & Windows Ink → Ignore touch input when I’m using my pen. This ignores touch inputs as long as the pen is near the tablet screen.
hint Touch inputs are also ignored as long as you wear gloves!

Sketch Toolbar

Choose the Sketch Mode button in the Edit and Drawing Toolbar to show the Sketch toolbar.
Sketch Mode ButtonSketch Toolbar

Sketch Pen Tool

Choose the Sketch Pen tool Sketch Pen for drawing.
Sketch drawing starts with placing the pen on the screen and ends when the pen is lifted from the screen.
Hint.jpg Show Screen Grid with a real world distance of e.g. 10 or 20 meters can help to estimate the distances.

Sketch Eraser Tool

Choose the Sketch Eraser tool Sketch Eraser to erase sketch features or parts of them. In contrast to custom OCAD map objects no preliminary feature selection is needed for this.

Select Color

Select the drawing color by clicking on one of the colored squares. Select Color
The full height color rectangle in the left shows the current color.

Select Pen Width

Select the pen width by clicking on a gray pen width field. Select Pen Width
The field with the selected pen width is shown in black color.

Show/Hide Sketch Layer

Click the Show/Hide Sketch Layer button Show/Hide Sketch Layer to show or hide the Sketch Layer.

Auto Detection of Objects by Shape and Color

Turning on the Auto Detection of Objects option Auto Detection of Objects will detect the pattern of some orienteering map point features and automatically add it to the map as symbolized point object.
hint The option is turned off by default and only available if the map symbol set corresponds to ISOM 2017 or ISSprOM 2019.
hint The tool expects shapes sizes of max. 50 pixels width/height. This corresponds approx. to the size of the symbolized point objects on the screen when working with a zoom factor between 8x – 12x.
Auto Detection Samples

Save as Image and Load as Background Map

Click the Save as Image and Load as Background Map button Save Sketch as Image to make a PNG file copy of the current sketch features and to load this PNG file as a background map.
hint This may be used as a backup function while field work or if you prefer to have the sketch features in the background for drawing the map at home after field work.
hint The function requires that the ocd file is saved – it does not work for new untitled files.
hint White sketch features are only visible in the saved image if other background map(s) are loaded below it to get a contrast to the white background of the drawing area.

Sketch Menu

There is a new Sketch menu which contains just a few menu items at the moment.


This function can be used do show/hide the Sketch Layer. It's the same as using the button SketchShowHide.png on the Sketch toolbar (which is not available in Course Setting and Viewer edition).


Import Sketchlayer from other ocd file.

Manage Sketch Features

Open the Manage Sketch Features dialoge to see and/or loop through all sketch features.


  • Convert to symbolized Object: Select a sketch object in the Manage Sektch Features list. Now select a point, line or area object in the symbol box to convert the sketch object to the selected symbol.
  • Delete: Delete the selected sketch object in the list.

Delete All Sketch Features

This functon can be used to clean up a file from all sketch features. Note: There is no UNDO for this function! A message about this needs to be confirmed:



  • Large Color Boxes: Check this option to enlarge the color boxes in the toolbar.

Sketch Toolbar with normal Color BoxesSketch Toolbar with Large Color Boxes

  • Opacity: Set the opacity of your sketch objects.

Sketches opacity100.png
Opacity 100.

Sketches opacity70.png
Opacity 70.

  • Transparent: Set sketch objects transparent or not. Turn off the transparency for faster rendering of the sketch objects.

Sketches opacity70 transparent.png
Transparency on.

  • Display sketch layer behind map: Activate this option to display your sketch objects behind the map objects. You need to be in Draft Mode to see its effect.

Sketches opacity70 transparent behindMap.png
Display Sketch Layer behind map. Transparency on.

Sketches nontransparent.png
Display Sketch Layer before map. Transparency off.

Sketches transparent.png
Display Sketch Layer behind map. Transparency off.