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Hint.jpg OCAD Sketch App - Beta Release. We have tested the OCAD Sketch App intensively and successfully on various devices over the last few weeks. However, errors may still occur. Therefore, we recommend to create regular backups. If you have any feedback, please use the Share Feedback tool in the General Settings.


The OCAD Sketch App complements the desktop version of OCAD. It is designed for mapping in the field – both for new mapping as well as revisions, feedback from course planners or map reviewers. Drawing pen, different colors and line widths and eraser enable fast and ergonomic sketching. GPS routes can be tracked and the compass can be used to adjust the map orientation. Map projects are transferred from desktop version of OCAD to the OCAD Sketch App and synchronized back after mapping. The download and use of the app is free of charge.

Installation of the OCAD Sketch App

The beta version of the OCAD Sketch App is not yet available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
You need to use the following links to download the OCAD Sketch App beta version to your mobile device.
Click on the link on your mobile device.


After the official release, the app can be downloaded and used for free in the Apple App Store (iOS), or Google Play (Android).

Further Information

  • Please visit https://www.ocad.com/app for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and further information about the App.

OCAD Sketch App Data Exchange

Use the OCAD Sketch App Data Exchange tool to export data to or import data from the OCAD Sketch App.

Export data to App

Open the OCAD Sketch App Data Exchange tool from the File menu.

Manage Transfer Projects

OCADSketchAppDataExchange ManageTransferProjects.png

Select Transfer project

  • Create a new transfer project. Enter a project name. The given name will be displayed in the OCAD Sketch App.
  • Rename an existing transfer project.
  • Delete an existing transfer project.

Achtung.PNG Deleting a project in the desktop version of OCAD means that sketches for this project no longer can be imported via OCAD Cloud Transfer, even when recreating a project with the same name!

Transfer direction

Select a transfer project in the list above and choose the transfer direction. If you select a transfer project for which data has already been uploaded, its data will be overwritten.

Export data to App: Use this option if you like to export your map and background maps to the app for field work. This option is described below.
Import data from App: Use this option if you like to import sketches from field work into OCAD Desktop, e.g. for final drawing. Read more about this step in the Import data from App Section.

Arrange Export

OCADSketchAppDataExchange ArrangeExport.png


Entire map: Includes the extent of the entire map and all its background maps.

Part of map: Choose a predefined extent or define a new one. You can define a new extent by clicking on Define or open the Setup Part of Map dialoge and save an extent there.

Background Maps

Choose the background that shall be exported to the OCAD Sketch App. Use SHIFT key to select multiple files.


Select a map resolution. This is used for the ocd map file which is displayed as a PNG image in the Sketch App.

The resolution should be better than your thinnest lines.

Default settings: map scale > 1:5000 with 762 dpi | map scale <= 1:5000 with 1270 dpi

Execute data processing

Execute data processing to prepare the data for export .

Hint.jpgNote: This step can take several minutes if you have chosen a large extent or large background maps.

Transfer and Share

OCADSketchAppDataExchange TransferAndShare Cloud.png

Choose one of the Data transfer options.

OCAD Cloud Transfer

The project is uploaded to the OCAD Transfer Cloud which creates a QR code to download the project to your mobile device.

Choose this option and click Upload to OCAD Cloud Transfer.

A green hint shows you if the upload was successful and the QR code is shown in the Share section.

Scan the image directly with your mobile device (Photo or QR Scan App) and confirm to open the link. The project will be loaded automatically into the OCAD Sketch App.

As an alternative you can Copy the QR code to the clipboard and may send it to someone by email.

Achtung.PNG The files will be removed from the OCAD Cloud Transfer after 7 days. Once you downloaded the data to your mobile device, the data will remain there even if the project is removed from the OCAD Cloud Transfer.

Close the dialog.

OCADSketchAppDataExchange TransferAndShare CloudUploaded.png

Data exchange folder

This option is probably smooth if you use a data exchange service App like DropBox, iCloud or OneDrive on your mobile device.

  1. Choose this option and choose or create a Sketch App Data Exchange root folder on the DropBox etc. (e.g. C:\Users\Username\Dropbox\OcadSketchAppExchange).
  2. Click Copy to data exchange folder to copy the files to the destination folder.

Hint.jpg In fact the files are copied to a subfolder _DesktopToApp\[ProjectName] of your chosen root folder.
Hint.jpg OCAD remembers the Sketch App Data Exchange root folder and it will be set by default for upcoming transfer projects.

Close the dialog.

USB cable

Copy the project folder manually to your mobile device.

Choose this option and click Open folder.

The Windows Explorer opens at the folder which contains the project folder.

Now copy the entire project folder to the OCAD Sketch App files folder on your mobile device (e.g. \Android\data\com.ocad.mobile\files).

Close the dialog.

Import Data from App

Open the OCAD Sketch App Data Transfer tool from the File menu.

Manage Transfer Projects

  • Select transfer project: as you like to import data from the OCAD Sketch App, you need to select the project that was used for the export.
  • Transfer direction: Choose Import data from App to import sketches from field work into OCAD Desktop, e.g. for final drawing.

Transfer Options

OCADSketchAppDataExchange TransferOptions Cloud.png

Choose one of the Data transfer options:

  • OCAD Cloud Transfer: Choose this option if the project was sent from OCAD Sketch App to OCAD Cloud Transfer after field work.
  • Data exchange folder: Copy the relevant files* on your mobile device to the data exchange folder e.g. Dropbox\OCAD Sketch App\_AppToDesktop\[ProjectName]
  • USB cable: Copy the relevant files* from your mobile device to this folder in the OCAD AppData folder:
C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\OCAD\OCAD 2018\Tmp\_OcadSketchAppDataTransfer\_AppToDesktop\[ProjectName]
* Relevant files: map.ocd (the field work sketch is saved here) | position.db (GPS positions are logged here, if the option was activated)

For all 3 options: Click the Get importable files button to get a list of all importable files. The wizard jumps to the next step.

Arrange Import

Choose files for import

Choose the files you want to import. Use Shift key to select multiple files.

  • GPS log import settings: Optional: Assign a line symbol to the GPS log track.

Hint.jpg Sketches are imported to the OCAD Sketch layer
Hint.jpg GPS positions log tracks are imported as unsymbolized or symbolized objects

Click Import data to import the file(s).

Close the dialog.


Open a project

You can load multiple projects on one device. Learn more in the OCAD Sketch App Data Exchange section how to transfer a project to your mobile device.

You can also download the Demo Project.

Tap on a project item to open it.

The first time you work with the app. you will be asked if OCAD Sketch App is allowed to retrieve the device location. Agree, if you want to work with internal GPS.

If your device has no compass, you will get notified when starting a project. Features requiring compass won't work in this case.

OCADSketchApp App GeneralSettings.jpg

General Settings

Sketchapp settings.svg

Open the general settings to adjust your username, get help or share feedback with the developers.

Project Settings

Sketchapp menu.svg

  • Restore backup: Option to restore a backup version of your project. Activate the Save backup versions checkbox in the Settings tab.
  • Send to OCAD Cloud Transfer: Upload your project to the OCAD Cloud Transfer, so you can import the project later on in OCAD Desktop.
  • Delete from phone: Delete the project from your mobile device.

OCAD Sketch UI

OCADSketchApp App GUI.jpg

Finger gestures

2 Fingers
Use 2 Finger gestures to Zoom, Pan and/or Rotate the map.

1 Finger
Use 1 Finger gestures the active tools from the bottom toolbar:

  • Pan / Draw Sketch / Erase Sketch
  • Double click with 1 Finger to zoom in

Undo Redo (Draw/Erase)

Sketchapp revert.svg Undo the last draw/erase operation

Sketchapp redo.svg Redo the last draw/erase operation


Sketchapp layers.svg Show/hide/dim layers (map and background map)

Sketchapp check-square.svg You can make a background map visible or hide it by clicking the checkbox.

Sketchapp drag.svg Drag a background layer to a different position.

OCADSketchApp App Dim.jpg Dim a background map, i.e. make the background map appear brighter. Slider to the right means the background map is displayed in its original colors. Slider to the left means the background map appears completely white.

The map.png is transparent by default.

Whether the other background maps are transparent or not, depends on their Transparent option in OCAD Desktop.

Settings (GPS, Compass, North lines...)

Sketchapp settings.svg

  • Show current position: Shows your current position based on your device GPS. Your project must me correctly georeferenced and you must be within the project extent to see your position.
  • Show position precision: Shows the expected precision of your current position.
  • Log position to file: Logs your position to a gpx file, which can later be imported in OCAD Desktop.
  • Show positions log tail: Shows the postition log tail. Adjust the tail color and tail length if needed.
  • Show north lines Show north lines on the map. Adjust the Distance between north lines if needed.
  • Show compass Shows compass. Only available if your device has a build-in compass.
  • Save backup versions Backs up your project automatically acrroding to the Backup inverval specified.

Project Management

Sketchapp menu.svg Close Project Closes your project.

Align North / Maximize

Sketchapp align north.svg If map view is rotated -> Reset map view rotation (north lines parallel to device screen).

Sketchapp maximize.svg If map view is not rotated -> Show entire map.


Sketchapp plus.svg Zoom in

Sketchapp minus.svg Zoom out

Hint.jpg You can also zoom in/ zoom out with 2 fingers gestures.


Sketchapp position.svg Single Tap: Center map to current position (1 x)

Sketchapp position auto.svg Double Tap: Center map to position (permanently).

Hint.jpg Center map works only if Show current position is turned on.


Sketchapp compass.svg Single Tap: Rotate map view to current magnetic north (1 x)

Sketchapp compass auto.svg Double Tap: Rotate map view to magnetic north (permanently).

Hint.jpg If your device has no compass, this tool will not be visible.


Sketchapp move.svg Pan the map with a pen or 1 finger gestures. Double click to zoom in.

Hint.jpg You can also zoom in/ zoom out with 2 fingers gestures.

Draw Sketch

Sketchapp draw.svg

Click on the Draw Sketch button. Now you can start sketching with the specified line color/width.

You can either draw with your fingers or with a capacitive pen, which is beneficial for precise drawing (e.g. Samsung S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note/Tab). In cold weather, a pen and gloves are suitable.

All your drawing will be saved automatically. You do not have to save the file. Once you are done with sketching, just close the project.

Choose Sketch Width / Color

Sketchapp line.svg

Click on the Choose Sketch Width / Color button if you like another color or line width for sketching.

There are 6 different line width and 13 different colors available. On devices with a small screen (e.g. smartphones), you can scroll to the left to see all colors.

Line widths are: 0.05 mm | 0.10 mm | 0.2 mm | 0.4 mm | 0.8 mm | 1.6 mm

Hint.jpg Important ISOM 2017 width 1:10'000 scale:

Contour / Narrow ride: 0.21 mm
Index contour / Impassable cliff: 0.38 mm
Form line: 0.15 mm
Impassable cliff / Road: 0.52 mm
Passable cliff: 0.38 mm
Small footpath: 0.27 mm

Hint.jpg Important ISSprOM 2019 width 1:4000 scale:

Uncrossable walls/ fences / hedges: 0.4 mm
Step or edge of paved area: 0.1 mm
Contour: 0.21 mm

Erase Sketch

Sketchapp eraser.svg Erase objects by running the eraser over them.

Start/Stop GPS Tracking

Sketchapp map-pin.svg Current color/width is used.

Double Tap creates a point feature (Start/Stop at same position)

GPS Tracking supports you to determine your current position. You can either use the internal GPS of your device (default) or connect to an external GPS.

GPS recording is active, even if you switch to another map (e.g. browse in the internet or make a phone call while mapping). Only if you close the OCAD Sketch App, the position recording will stop.

Demo Project

Do you want to test the OCAD Sketch app but don't have a project available right now? Then download our demo project.

Step 1: Download the OCAD Sketch App to your mobile device.

Step 2: Scan the following QR code with your mobile device.

QR Code Demoproject.PNG

Step 3: Open the demo project.

Since you are most likely outside the project area, the position display will not work.
You cannot upload the demo project to OCAD Cloud Transfer.