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Grossbritanien.gif English: Quick Start | Deutschland.gif German: Kurzanleitung | Frankreich.gif French: Mise en Service | Italien.gif Italian: Avvìo Rapido | Finnland.gif Finnish: Quick Start | Schweden.gif Swedish: Snabbstart | Norwegen.gif Norwegian: Hurtigstart | Spanien.gif Spanish: Inicio Rápido | Portugal.gif Portuguese: Instalação Rápida | Ungarn.gif Ungarian: Telepítési útmutató | Tschechien.gif Czech: Rychlý start | Japan.gif Japanese: クイックスタート

Topic Installation.png OCAD Installation, Activation and License Management

OCAD is easy to install and activate. Read the Wiki page Installation and Activation/Reactivation for more information.
To transfer your license, see the License Transfer page.
The License Manager tool shows an overview about the OCAD licenses which are assigned to your organization.
Why not install OCAD in the cloud?

Topic Trial.png OCAD Trial

A free trial version of OCAD is available for test purposes. The trial version contains the same functions as OCAD Mapping Solution with a few limitations.
Please download OCAD Trial on our website https://www.ocad.com/en/trial/.

Topic GettingStarted.png OCAD Getting Started

You find a brief introduction into OCAD in the documentation «Getting Started with OCAD», which can be downloaded from the website or in the Help menu of the OCAD programm.

Topic Tutorial.png OCAD Tutorials

Numerous Tutorials on various topics.

Topic LearnVideos.png OCAD Learning Videos

Several videos about various topics of OCAD can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Topic FAQ.png FAQ

We collected Frequently Asked Questions here.

Topic Help.png OCAD Help

You find detailed descriptions of OCAD functions in the OCAD Wiki. The corresponding wiki page is opened by clicking the sub menu Contents, Menu, Toolbar, Tutorials or What‘s new in the Help menu.
If you are offline and press a help button inside the OCAD program, the OCAD Offline Wiki will be opened.

Topic SampleMap.png OCAD Sample Maps

You find sample maps in the sub menu Open Sample Map... in the File menu. These maps will support you to learn the basic operations of OCAD.

Topic Tip.png Tips with Keyboard and Mouse

Visit the OCAD Wiki Page Tips with Keyboard and Mouse to optimize your drawing and editing skills.

Topic Update.png OCAD Service Update

Keep OCAD updated! The Service Updates are free of charge and correct known bugs and add the latest cartography tools and enhancements to your OCAD. Please download the current Service Update from the Help -> Download Update function in the OCAD program. Finde more information on the Service Update page.

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